Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sacred Sunday

Last Sunday I shared a poem about the six senses of God. Here is another one I uncovered in my archives. Wishing you a peace and sensory-filled day!!

More Than Enough

God smells like cinnamon. Baby's breath. Fresh baked bread. Warm cookies. Sewer Swamp. Compost. Earthen Clay.

God tastes like sweet mint. Red wine. Honey on scones. The lips of a lover. The skin of a baby.

God sounds like thunder. Silence. A bird's call. An infant's cry. My heart beating. Laughter & tears.

God feels like safety. Warm arms wrapped around me. Snug. Gentle. Distant. Knowing. Unknown. Filling every sense of my body.

God looks like the wind. The smile of a child. Weather-worn face. Toothless grin. Rock. Sand. Feather. Life. Death. New birth. Bloody war.

My sixth sense says, "Ahhhhh. Awe. Stop asking questions. Just be. Just be, my dear one."

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Anonymous said...

Lucy, this is not only More Than Enough, this is Everything. I love this. Thinking of you on this wonderful Sabbith. Love, Pamela

kigen said...

Just to spread our arms wide, in terms of inclusion. In a cloistered life (in which I participated as a guest and lay member for a number of years), celibacy is not a negation of, but rather a unique and profound expression of sensual-sexuality in a religious context! And it works very similarly to your way of seeing, breathing, touching, delighting in the Divine in these two magnificent sixth-sense poems!

Dianna Woolley said...

Ahhhhhh, I like it:)


Unknown said...

Just being...just sitting with life..that is God...thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, G!