Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Simple Day

FOR TODAY August 5, 2009
prompted by The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window the skies are gray. I see a mixture of plum colored leaves and pale green gently swaying in the breeze.

I am thinking I could get up and do something, but it feels pretty cozy right here. (note i switched 'should' for 'could'.)

I am thankful for the opportunity to linger.

From the kitchen I am sipping a slightly warm cup of coffee that I wish was just a little hotter.

I am wearing my Life is Good pj’s – sunshine yellow and orange with little flip flops all over them. They make me happy ☺.

I am creating this post.

I am going to work on my upcoming day retreat called “Return Home to Yourself”.

I am reading “The Bean Trees” by Barbara Kingsolver

I am hoping my summer cold only lasted one day (yesterday.)

I am hearing a gentle fan, distant traffic noises and my own silence.

Around the house all is quiet.

One of my favorite things is having a new day spread before me with open possibilities.

A few plans for the rest of the week: writing, reading, resting, gardening and getting my hair done. Whoopee. Also wondering if I will summon the courage to go to a community drum circle this week?!??!?

My picture thought is called "a crate of possibilities". Taken in Maine, 7/09

What possibilities fill your crate this simple day?


Marisa said...

Sounds like a perfectly delicious day to me.

Tess said...

I LOVED that you changed should to could.

kigen said...

I opened the photo and touched all the boxes, pulled on the ropes - you have a hidden Zen streak as a photographer, I love it.

Kel said...

wow, you have crates of possibilities here...

Kayce aka lucy said...

marisa--welcome to 'diamonds'. thanks for stopping by and i hope you'll come (& comment) again!

tess--yep, me too!!

kigen--lovely!! i shared your comment with my resident photographer after he mentioned the photo.

his first response is usually, "where'd you take that?" he despairs a little to think he might have missed a little treasure like this :-)

Kayce aka lucy said...

kel--i do indeed and am happy to share!!

kigen said...

Thanks for sharing. Men are so competitive. But I have to admit I now have a desire to go down to the fish market and start photographing all those boxes. Stinky though. ((-:

kate i said...

You sound so peaceful and contented! I love the photograph and the thought of a crate load of possibilites.

I feel your contendedness seeping my way! Thanks for sharing.

His Girl Friday said...

I like this post, reminds me of some of my own thoughts. definitely could for should...and I love the feeling of early morning, with the thought of the new day and open possibilities. :)
(like the pic)

Barbara said...

The rhythm of your days/week sound familiar to me and that is a relief, a good thing. Aside from a purchase of kitty litter at Costco, I am meeting a former student for coffee and a chat, maybe go to the gym, and I will wonder if Bogart, my kitteh, will figure out string theory. I put a stiff yellow cord that I had used to tie up my artwork around his neck because he was playing with it. It is still there. heh

Kayce aka lucy said...

kigen--i hope you'll share some of your stinky fish crates :-)

kate--so glad to seep a little contentedness your way! btw--if you read "stoic chick"...i was called uptight and unapproachable just moments after i wrote this post...funny, but i was still feeling pretty content until the attack came.

hgf--early morning is definitely a gift to me each day (especially when i remember it :-)

barbara--smiling at the "familiarity"...that and bogart and string theory :-)