Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Day

FOR TODAY November 16, 2009
prompted by The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window the rain continues to steadily fall. Night time is upon us even though it's only mid-afternoon.

I am thinking how I would love to get in my pajamas right now and curl up with a good book.

I am thankful for the graciousness in the world around me.

From the kitchen - fresh chicken soup and cornbread muffins to warm the damp, wet bones of my family.

I am wearing BROWN - head to toe (except for some crazy-colored stripes on my socks.)

I am creating an activity for my spirituality class at the Recovery Cafe and gathering images for my SoulCollage® workshop this Friday night.

I am going to my memoir writing group tonight. My piece, "Ordinary Life," is up for review.

I am reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (vampires and werewolves for a dark fall night!)

I am hoping there is minimal traffic on the way to Bellevue.

I am hearing rain, rain, rain.

Around the house all is quiet.

One of my favorite things is snuggling with my curious cat who keeps me warm and cozy in the midst of darkness.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a schedule full of clients, yoga, therapy, group facilitation, and a new workshop.

My picture thought is Aslan - Lucy's faithful friend.


Dianna Woolley said...

A nice "ordinary" day - so non-ordinary as to be extraordinary. How fortunate you are and I am to have these moments to reflect on the smell of the soup, the fur of the cat, the sound of the rain. May all your days be so ordinary/extraordinary!


Barbara said...

What a lovely picture you paint of your day! I must explore The Simple Woman's Daybook, I really must.

And Aslan is such a handsome, ginger cat. Don't you love how they follow you about, curious to see what you are doing, as if they are offering to help? In their own way, they do by making it fun.

kigen said...

Lucky indeed is Lucy's furry faithful friend, and all of us faithful friends too.

Kayce aka lucy said...

ss--i'm laughing because i used the words ordinary/extraordinary in my recent writing piece and the group was less than pleased with the use of those words. i kept wondering... do they get it? while also being sensitive to my "audience."

glad you and i can find laughter and beauty in both :-) xoxoxo

barbara - i cannot even begin to articulate what a joy aslan has been to this lucy (although i imagine you know exactly of what i speak). yesterday, i was intrigued by his exploration of the bathtub. quite profound really.

kigen - it is a blessing to have so many faithful friends - furry & otherwise.

Karen said...

I really love reading these "Daybook" entries. I am so curious about other people, and it's entries like these that make me feel like I'm peeking through the window, watching. (Okay--I don't mean to sound so creepy--really, I'm not a stalker!) I like seeing how we're all different, and yet all the same...lovely...