Sunday, November 08, 2009

Spirit like water...

"Spirit like water
is a source of life."

Sometimes I wonder if I shared everything that transpires in my day and mind whether or not people might think I was going a little crazy. In mental health, it is said if you at least think you're a little nuts, it is a sign of sanity - so at least I have that going for me.

The truth is I feel so connected to the Universe that I have moments when I wonder which realm I am operating in. This time of year in particular is designated as a very "thin" time when the veil between the known and unknown worlds dissipates. My air was already pretty thin, so my ancestral mind that lies just below consciousness has kicked into high gear. For example...

During and since I went to Ireland, I have been experiencing lots of technicolor dreams. When I am disciplined enough to awaken, I can capture them on paper before I return to sleep. Last night, I was vividly dreaming and was making a SoulCollage® card in my sleep (not literally), BUT... when I awakened this morning, the materials had already been gathered to create the card I dreamed. (I keep a stack of images that attract my attention nearby.) I was dreaming of creating a Source card which symbolizes the Oneness of All Things. In reality no image is suitable for the Source for it is without form. (Some people refer to this as their God card.) Nevertheless, swirls continued to follow me throughout my dreams as they have for years in various shapes, sizes and forms, so I laid out the images on my desk and sat down for some quiet meditation. It was then that Nepo's quote greeted me. "Spirit like water is the source of life." Key word - Source. Key images - Water. Before me lay my floating, swirling water-filled card I was considering naming "Source."

Am I making this up? No. Had I read those words before? Maybe. Had I already seen the images? Yes. Did they all come together in one serendipitous moment? Absolutely. Does this make me crazy? Nah, I don't think so. Is it just coincidence? Nope, don't think that either. This, I believe, is part of the great mystery of being alive. It is bigger than anything we can possibly imagine AND it meets us in the everyday of our lives, when we allow ourselves to open up.

So, that's how my day started. Not particularly unusual for me. How about for you? Any encounters with serendipity, synchronicity, thin air or the like lately? Please share... it's much more fun to be a little crazy with friends, isn't it?

"source" - created by lucy 11.08.09


kigen said...

Thanks Lucy!

On "serendipity." I read it comes from a Sri Lanka (Serendip) story about:

"The Three Princes of Serendip:
as their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of...."

Describes perfectly the crazy fun of photography, which I did some today and enjoyed much !!

Kel said...

mmm, spirit water
gotta get me some of that :_)

sounds like you're having some wonderful dreams
from my experience that usually corresponds with wonderful synchronicities in the awake state

Sue said...

I so don't think you're going crazy. Reading this post is like having a coupla sips of that water. How beautiful that collage is1 It just draws me in, draws me in. It's very hot here today. So good to drink it with my eyes :)

I love that crazy space of entering into something and it feels like all the pieces are in different orders than what I rationally think they should be. I know things deeply before I discover them only to discover I have already discovered them. I love the space that dreaming provides between these worlds, the worlds within ourselves too.

I agree with Kel. I think this dream is so rich. Dreaming in technicolour? Yay! And some lucid dreaming going on there as well too if you are able to waken yourself. Yay.

We go down so deep. It's so wow.

Rebecca Johnson said...

I want to be crazy like you!

I was just talking to a fellow spiritual director about how the themes of the people that we meet with seem to so serendipitously align with the themes that we are experiencing in our own spiritual lives. I now believe that none of it is chance or coincidence. It is all Spriit.

Thanks for your beeeeutiful soul card. Source...yes.


Kayce aka lucy said...

kigen - thanks for sharing the "serendip" story! you always have such interesting facts to offer.

kel - drink up, sister!

sue - "I know things deeply before I discover them only to discover I have already discovered them." that pretty much sums it up. deep indeed!!

rebecca - spirit really is the only word for much of this, isn't it?

hugs to all!!

Tess said...

Crazy in a very good way!

Okaaay, now I'm not sure exactly when you posted this, but I've only just read it.

As you know, I've just started SoulCollage. I had three cards so far. Last night I dreamed the fourth card. Images that had been attracting me came together in my dream in my entirety to form the Peace Committee card, which I didn't even have around my committee table.

Well you wanted serendipity!

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess - serendipity-do-dah-day!! oh, i love this. crazy loves company :-) i hope you never get tired of hearing me say how much i wish you lived in (or at least near) seattle! then our brain waves wouldn't have so far to travel!

keep collaging. i love that you are doing that.


Tess said...

Perhaps if our brain waves were closer they might collide!!

Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy -

Oh, fasten me to the crazy list. If this post of yours qualifies you as crazy, I hate to think what mine qualify me as lately! Keep those technicolor dreams coming!!!


His Girl Friday said...

Add me to the crazy with friends list! I so get this, Lucy. It is a thin time, and the Celtic New Year.

I love the quote, spirit/water, there's a lot there, but for me right now it's more in feelings than it's hard to express what I mean.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Ireland. you mentioned the ancestral mind, yes. I call it genetic memory. It's very real, and I think explains much of what we feel sometimes, that which we can't explain.


(health, good wishes, etc...Sláinte Mhath)

Maureen said...

Love that collage!

Kayce aka lucy said...

oh yea, i'm loving this "crazy" list! thanks for the encouragement :-)

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. Serendipity has been everywhere I turn, even the word itself. Same thing with the concept of "thin" as you use it. One of my recent posts was called, "The Thin Days of Autumn," and right after I posted it I went on a retreat to a "thin" place.

I could go on and on. I'm ecstatic with these connections.

Kayce aka lucy said...

pollinatrix - oh my gosh, for sure. i know how you feel. thank you so much for stopping by and i look forward to reading about your "thin days"! hope you'll come back again.