Thursday, November 12, 2009

On track or off?

Following my statement last night to Sunrise Sister’s post where I proclaimed myself as having thrown away my day planner, I found myself this morning in great need of a list. For the first time in weeks, I have the luxury of some much needed spaciousness in my life. For the next few days, there is little on my calendar, but LOTS in my mind that wants to happen. My head was beginning to hurt and my stomach spin with all of the possibilities before me – so much that I found myself nearly immobilized. Thus “the list.”

Armed with list nearby, I started on my merry way until nature called and I made a pit stop in the bathroom. There I picked up a book on guided meditations and explorations so I could look for an appropriate reading for next week’s Deepening Your Spirituality group I am co-facilitating at Seattle’s Recovery Café (a place I hope to share with you in the near future.) While I am not certain whether I found the reading for the group, this one jumped out of the book and said, “READ ME.”

Consequently, I have already ventured off of my list and instead of writing about Noble Silence (another topic I hope to return to soon), I am sharing this quote that came under the topic of “What was your face before you were born? He asked.”

When the heart bursts into flame
history completely disappears
and lightning strikes the ocean
in each cell.

There, before origins,

when the
double helix
is struck like a tuning fork

there is a hum
on which the universe is strung.

My word for the year has been Fire and as this calendar year nears its end, I have found the theme of Water rising in my consciousness. Given those two things and the recent discussions here and elsewhere on synchronicity and thin places, I could not resist taking a moment to stop and post this. So…does this detour make me on track or off? Or does it really matter? Can you feel the hum on which the universe is strung?

P.S. Upon a little further exploration, I find that the "double helix" looks amazingly like the swirl I have worn around my neck for a few years which mimics the ancient symbols I encountered in Ireland AND looks surprisingly like the
Source card I created a few days ago. I swear I didn't know what a double helix was until this verse jumped out and said, "READ ME." Oh my, I think I need some fresh air!!
"swirls" on celtic cross at castledermot 10.23.09 ireland ©lucy
"fire in water" glendolough stream 10.09 ©lucy
"entrance to new grange" 5000 year old tomb 10.09 ©lucy


Abbey of the Arts said...

I love days like this where following my intuition leads to new discoveries and connections. It always feels most definitely on track, even though it may be off list. xoxoxo

Abbey of the Arts said...

PS - glad we're both getting a bit more spaciousness to follow those rabbit trails . . .

kigen said...


I believe that's synchronicity, the why and the what, with no hocus-pocus. And because we know how that is true on planet earth in ecology, it's easy to understand. There are books by Rachel Carson, like the THE SEA AROUND US, which opened my mind in mindboggling ways how everything on the planet works in synch. Now 1,000's of books like that are out there. But Carson is called the mother of modern environmentalism because she helped to break through to the mind of average readers a new way of understanding the interconnectedness of all things. Ecology is a fascinatingly wonderful new discipline because it opens so many concepts suggested in various forms of mysticism and earth-based spirituality, but with a more accessible, scientific grounding to grasp them. Carson speaks a poetic language also that helped me love reading her and never getting bored with the science.

Sue said...

Oh, its all so beautiful. I must read me some Rachel Carson, I think from memory she is the woman who wrote The Silent Spring?

Tis one of my favourite ponderances, the interconnectedness of all things. I think it is why "the system" is so damaging, because it removes our interconnectedness from each other by putting itself in the middle. But oh, when we flow in that interconnected space, how delightful it is. As is reading your blog, Ms Lucy. Enjoy your calendar space :)

Kayce aka lucy said...

C - i like that "on track, but off list." very nice!

kigen - thank you for introducing me to rachel carson. i just got a 25% off coupon for my favorite bookstore, so may head over there today for a little more exploration :-)

thanks, sue. this is wonderful:

"when we flow in that interconnected space, how delightful it is." i am beginning to wonder if instead of a word for the year, it is actually an element. i think i may be moving into my water year.