Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I can’t move.
His purr vibrates against my chest.
The rise and fall of breath beneath my palm.
Soft golden fur caresses my fingertips.
Warm breath, steamy on my wrist.

We rise and fall together.
Only this moment exists.
His wisdom says,
“This is enough.”

He shows me what it’s like
To push your way into love & care.
“This is what I need right now.
This is what you need, too,"
I hear the gentle murmur.

No need to rush
Or hurry
Or read
Or think

Feel the rise and fall
The beating of our hearts
The rhythm of two connected as one
In the gentle breaking dawn

My gift for the day.
Take it with you and
Hold this place of rest

Learn from the wisdom of
This one
Who knows only now
Who knows the embrace of
The one who loves


Anonymous said...

gosh how pretty!! I can hear the collective purring all the way to Oklahoma!! Love, Pamela

Dianna Woolley said...

So nice. Aslan certainly found a good place to "push his way into love & care" - good kitty, beautiful tribute:)


Barbara said...

Brought tears to my eyes, lucy. A lovely tribute to a beautiful kitteh. Aslan is one lucky cat!

Karen said...

Yes, cats truly can be such a gift. My cats are 11 and 12, and in the entire time they've been with us (since kittenhood), neither have been lap cats. Until this autumn. Suddenly, inexplicably, the eleven year jumped up on my lap, kneaded my pants for a few seconds, and then settled right in. Bliss.

And now I'm remembering again the joys of a lap cat--having to put aside the laptop, making room, being still, feeling his little body breathe and purr, being completely in the moment, content.

Such a lovely entry...

Kel said...

our furry friends do indeed gift us with their presence

Kayce aka lucy said...

pamela - don't you mean purr-ty?? xo

SS - can't believe how much joy and love this little ball of furr brings to us!!

barbara - i re-read this earlier today and got a little misty myself. i'm thinking of using it in a self-care presentation i'm offering tomorrow. just wish i could take aslan with me :-)

karen - wow, after 11 years he/she decides to be a lap cat? better late than never, huh? guess we could all learn from that analogy too!! xoxo

kel - my hope is that they feel "gifted" in return...