Monday, March 22, 2010


Throughout this Lenten week of praying with the hours and focusing on the four cycles of breath, I have discovered my own ambivalence with the time of dark (emptiness) that follows the exhale. This pondering continues to permeate my days and many words and metaphors have popped into my mind. For today, however, I share with you the initial thoughts in the breath cycle following dawn, day and dusk.

Darkness. Empty. Despair. I am frightened here.

The stillness in the depth of the ocean, waiting to be stirred. Waiting and knowing the hand of God will reach down deeply and meet me in this darkness.

The dark in the night of my five year old self, afraid to look under the bed.

Oh, the dark of night when stars shine and the Big Dipper speaks to me of fullness and joy. To be emptied out in order to be filled again.

God meets me in the dark.


Maureen said...

I often think we are closest to God when we are most "in the dark".

claire bangasser said...

Ah, Lucy, a beautiful post.

You bring back memories of 'darkness.' Powerful memories. Each time Godde was involved.

Yes, Godde does meet me in the dark as well.

lucy said...

maureen - in a book i'm reading ("fingerprints of god") the author writes:

"While an encounter with God can happen anywhere, anytime, my research and my own life story tell me that brokenness is the best predictor of spiritual experience."

i think one could exchange "brokenness" for "in the dark", don't ya think?

lucy said...

claire - i always find it so beautiful, your use of Godde. i, too, find that darkness holds powerful memories - many of them filled with light :-)

Dianna Woolley said...

In the last year I've probably thought more about "darkness as in night" than I ever did before. Those thoughts have swiveled from thinking most of darkness is unfriendly to the possibility that darkness is just an unexplored realm for me and not nearly as intimidating as I once thought it.


I've been reading along with Merton this past week - Praying the hours - noontime has yet to find me with my nose in the book or praying.....

Kel said...

i like the way it looks like the lighthouse is reflecting onto the rim of the woman's hat
quite halo-like
a circle of light
for protection

lucy said...

SS - yes, my explorations of the dark are expanding just like a lighthouse beam in the night sky :-)

i, too, have been reading merton and find he also appeared to have an ambivalent relationship with the hour of dark.

as far as the noon hour?!?! that's what's so cool about doing breath prayer. breath = prayer especially if you add in a dose of mindfulness.

kel - thanks for noticing the reflection. this was a powerful image that really wanted to be put together - probably more so than any of the other collages of the day.