Saturday, March 20, 2010


Moving through the cycle of breath, dusk comes at the time of release and outbreath. Let go. Let down. Surrender. Feel the embrace of the beloved. Be held in those loving arms. Release into the autumn of my life. I do not have to let go of beauty. Simply - release, surrender, breathe.

"How far have I to go to find you in whom I have already arrived." -- Thomas Merton

Last evening I created the above collage to honor the hour of dusk, and this morning I stumbled upon Merton's quote witnessing to the same hour of the day. Here are the words that tumbled out when combining the three movements of breath, collage & response:

Already arrived. Already home to myself. One with God, Christ, Spirit. I don't have to go anywhere. I already have everything I need. The hour of dusk allows me to settle into those words. The words of God and the words of the day. All that has gone before me surrounds me - like laundry blowing in the wind. Perhaps it will touch me. Perchance I will be enveloped in the embrace. Perhaps I will exhale deeply into emptiness - allowing myself to be filled by God once again.

The exhale empties me. I can allow myself to feel alone - to feel the need to go somewhere - to find someone to hold me or something to ground me. Or... I can sink into the truth that I am already surrounded by everything I need. The wholeness comes by feeling all the hours of the day - every cycle of breath and every season of life. My wholeness is coming. My wholeness has already arrived.

Where are you feeling wholeness today? Is it illusive or can you rest in knowing you have already arrived?


claire bangasser said...

Ah, Lucy, your post is quite an inspiration, and invitation 'to be home to myself.'
A beautiful, beautiful post.
I will keep it close to my heart.

Tess said...

Reading this piece of beauty at dusk in the UK - a blustery wet dusk today.

I think there's something illusive about illusion. Even if we believe our journey is illusion, that doesn't mean we have not already arrived. And that we are still journeying.

Maureen said...

Wonderful quote by Merton. He guides us well.

Beautiful collage, as always.

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

WOW!!!!!!! The collage, your words, the synchronicity - glorious!

I love the fact that the word "perchance" tumbles out of you.

I adore the image of the past as laundry hanging in the breeze.

This is one of my favorite posts by anyone ever.

Kayce aka lucy said...

claire - it's felt like a lovely sharing of words and energy across the wires today. thank you.

tess - there's our favorite "state" again - paradox! sorry for the blustery today. we had full blown spring, perfect for the top down in the car except i had a teen who didn't want to muss her hair riding with me :-)

wow, polli - i am totally honored by your praise! i know you're a prolific reader with a wide range of excellent sources to choose from. thank you so much. i'm glad you enjoyed the post. xo

maureen - merton is quite a guy. thanks for your kind words. stay tuned for the lady of the dark.

Rebecca Johnson said...

I resonate with and feel that there is profound truth in the idea that your wholeness is coming and at the same time your wholeness has already arrived. I constantly struggle with and simultaneously embrace this concept that I am not all that I will be and yet I am already all that I every will be.


hmmbrd said...

Oh my. yes! Words escape me, so i'll just breathe and release along with you.

lucy said...

rebecca - i remember being introduced to the concept of 'already and not yet'. it is one worth wrestling with. xox

hmmbrd - thanks for the breathe & release :-) xoxoo