Thursday, March 25, 2010

The music is everywhere...

Recently I proclaimed the movie, August Rush, as one of my top favorites. In reality, I could watch only the first five minutes and be sated especially after the opening scene when young orphan, Evan/August reminds us,

"The music is everywhere. All you have to do is listen."

My morning readings today were filled with themes of listening. Today is the Feast of the Annunciation celebrating the day Mary listened to God's messenger and announced her sacred "Yes" (or "May it be") to becoming the mother of Jesus. In The Book of Awakening, these words spoke to me,
"Listening arises from a deeper place, and it seems we can only hear the living to the extent we have truly lived, only understand pain and joy to the extent that we have allowed ourselves to be touched by life." -- Mark Nepo
And in my more academic readings, neuroscience confirms the need for deeper listening to hear what's below the words. Individuals not only hold explicit memory (which can be retrieved and reflected upon), but also implicit memory that is somatic, nonverbal and not as easily accessible for conscious reflection. (Art, music, imagination and movement are some of the ways we tap into implicit memory.)

This is a long road of background to say, I believe in the power of listening - first, to the story that resides within me; which leads to the important second - the ability to listen deeply to others. I don't believe I can do one without the other. Jesus said this more simply and eloquently:
"Love God and love your neighbor as yourself."
This post's inspiration began with an e-mail from a friend who lovingly demonstrated she had been listening to me. Said friend sent me the following horoscope, and did not know, however, I had recently created this SoulCollage® collage card - "Storm's Gift."

The storm is your friend right now, Virgo. So are the deep, dark night and the last place you'd ever think of visiting and the most important thing you've forgotten about. So be more willing than usual to marinate in the mysteries -- not with logical ferocity but with cagey curiosity. The areas of life that are most crucial for you to deal with can't be fully understood using the concepts your rational mind favors. The feelings that will be most useful for you to explore are unlike those you're familiar with. from Free Will Astrology

The music is everywhere... This Lenten season has brought new and old ways of being present to God, myself and others. Some ways feel explicit (known) and others more implicit (instinctual and at times unfamiliar). Thus the journey continues - my song - the world's song ...all we have to do is listen.

Where is the song in your life? Is there a specific tune beckoning to be heard? Will you take the time to listen and perhaps like Mary amidst her fear say, "May it be"? Do you see music in the storm or dark of night? Can you hear the music?


Maureen said...

Beautiful post, and a wonderful collage.

Sometimes the music is absolute silence. Sometimes, as it is for me today, that's enough.

lucy said...

@ maureen - that is the beauty of music... it comes in all forms. enjoy your silence :-) xo

claire bangasser said...

It is difficult for me not to get sidetracked with your horoscope as it happens to be also mine.

I would agree with Maureen that right now silence is the nicest music I can think of (especially when workers are hammering and sawing in the apartment above mine.

Thank you for the variety of 'food for thought' available in your post today.

Abbey of the Arts said...

blessings friend, I am so glad I listened and was able to offer you that synchronicity, I love seeing this after seeing you this morning. much love, C

Kel said...

twas a dark and stormy night...

and there is some synchronicity as i sit with a friend in their dark night

the music i hear is the shrieking and wailing of the wind having her say

lucy said...

claire - i invite you wholeheartedly to become lost (or get sidetracked) in that horoscope - it continues to work on/through me on multiple levels!!

C - always a delight to see you here and in person! xoxoxo

kel - wishing you peace amidst your stormy night. 'having her say'...? i'm left wanting more and knowing my imagination fully fills in the blanks.

Dianna Woolley said...

"The music IS everywhere" recent listening surprises me in its diversity and new themes.

I love the synchronicity of the horoscope and the collage:)


Kayce aka lucy said...

SS - lots of 'diversity, new themes and synchronicity' appearing here on quite the regular basis. xoxo