Friday, April 23, 2010

Foolishness is in the Air

The element of air is with me today, as I meditate on the lightness of a feather. My “fool” cards from SoulCollage® pop into my mind and I start to play with the “I am the one who…” exercise. While all of the following words were written to myself during morning pages, pay close attention and see if you find yourself within them…

I am the one who is light as a feather. I am the one who floats on air – light, airy, pink. Carried by balloons – colorful & delightful. I am the one who makes peace with who I am by turning old expectations upside down. I feel the breeze behind me, above me, below me, around me. Look, do you see me? I am not foolish.

And so I ask, what do you have to give me? What I have to give you is peace, joy, rest in knowing who you are. You're only as old as you think you are. Question: What age would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Answer: It doesn't matter!!! Remember that - that's what I want you to remember.

It doesn't matter if you have wrinkles or saggy arms or skin as fresh as a new born baby. Be yourself. Lighten up. Don't stop when you hear the voice of the stopper. Just go. Let go! Play, laugh, love. Be free as a bird. Blossom.

Who are you? I am the one who laughs and plays and drums and dances and blooms. I am the one who doesn't hide behind conventional wisdom. I am the one who says, "Go," not "Stop." There are lots of ways, as long as you're moving in the direction of your heart. Stop holding onto what "others" think. Play. Release. Let go. Drum and dance. Stop stopping You!!

Play. Bloom. You won't be foolish. God's wisdom is not what the world thinks it is. We all want to play, but we get stuck. Stuck in the paradigms we think are true. We think spirituality has to look stale and safe. We've taken the fun out of worship. We've put churches inside buildings rather than out in the fresh air on the cliffs and near the water. We've forgotten how to take off our shoes and run through the grass. We hear our mothers saying, "Don't get dirty. Finish your work before you go out to play." Guess what? The work is never done.

I want to feel everything around me. To feel the wind in my hair. The breeze on my skin. The sun kissing my beauty. Be free. Dance like the feather. Let your hands fly with your own rhythm. Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Eat what you want & what makes you happy. Nourishment is all you need and laughter is the best nourishment of all. Stop hiding. Bloom, friend, bloom. Reach toward freedom.

So... I invite you to consider where the element of air carries you today!!

inspired by Abbey of the Arts Easter E-Course &
soul collage creations by lucy


Dianna Woolley said...

I love the soul collage cards speaking out so joyfully to you and to us readers! Powrful words packed w/playfulness hope and gusto. Savor sisters, savor:)!


claire bangasser said...

Great post,lucy. Great collages and lots of good stuff here. Wonderful!

Somehow I twitched when I read We think spirituality has to look stale and safe ... :-)

Kel said...

the one who laughs plays drums and dances

what a call of returning
to the inner kidlet

Tess said...

A line from Marge Piercy's book Woman on the Edge of Time just popped into my head. One of her character's declares: "Me myself, I drum magnificently".

Here's to laughter and drumming and blooming!

kigen said...

Lucy, you said:

"So... I invite you to consider where the element of air carries you today!!"

I see a huge flock of spring geese gradually settling down into a soft meadow, near a river, and remember Hildegard of Bingen saying:

"I am a feather on the Breath of God."

Kayce aka lucy said...

SS - "playful hope and gusto"... love it!! yes, lots of savoring of this foolish energy. it was a weekend filled with lots :-)

claire - i'd love to hear more about that little "twitch."!

kel - "the inner kidlet" is indeed part of the fool's energy. one of my favorites, for sure!! the t-shirt i'm wearing right now says, "play more!!!" let's do it!!

Kayce aka lucy said...

oh tess, i LOVE that line from marge piercy. i'm not familiar with her or the book, but they sound like something i would enjoy. do you agree?

kigen - you give me a fabulous reminder to spend more time with hildegard!!! thank you.