Saturday, April 17, 2010

What We Already Know

Did I ever tell you about my Hawaiian labyrinth experience? Perhaps not because it kind of fits into one of those categories of inexplicable. It was a journey even getting there. Recommended by my friend and fellow spiritual director, Mary Ellen, we (six adult family members) were on a mission to find the Sacred Gardens in Maui. (In reality, my sister and I were on the mission - the rest were more or less agreeable to join in the adventure.)

Upon arriving at the gardens, we were greeted by their giant guardian angel, Bodie. His joyful presence occupied the dog lovers with 150 pounds of slobbering puppy love. The gardens, book store and two labyrinths nestled into the center of this tropical island were entertainment enough for the rest of the gang.

When I finally made my way outside to the path surrounded by tropical forest, a fellow traveler had already started his walk. Rather than crowd him, I waited until he reached the center and began his trek out. For a few minutes we traversed the gravel pathway together, moving in and out along the sacred road. While I was only mildly aware of his presence, there came a moment when he stopped at the edge of the circle, paused and then stepped out. In that split second, I felt a noticeable shift in the energy around me - not good, not bad, just different. The labyrinth was now all mine.

Walking with gentle steps, I became aware of light raindrops touching my bare skin. There was something fresh and new about the drops sifting through the green foliage, while contented birds sang in tune with my every step. Not being one to let a little water slow me down (it is, after all, my word for the year), I continued my pilgrimage. The rain persisted and picked up speed as I realized I would soon be soaking wet (having only just dried out from the morning's beach combing.) That was when the second angel appeared - Eve, (appropriately named in this garden of Eden) the proprietress, silently offered me a giant umbrella to help keep me dry.

Striped bumbershoot in hand, I continued my walk toward center. Upon arrival, I found the rest of the world had slipped away. I wasn't aware of anyone or anything except the present moment. Time stood still. As I tipped my head back to peek from beneath my shelter, the rain slowed down to the pace creation. I could see each drop appearing, one by one. And as I felt my whole being stretching upward, I experienced the hands of God reaching for my own - forming the drops of moisture out of thin air and pouring them into the being that is me. Aaahhhhhh. Yes, time stood still.

There are moments in a lifetime, I believe, that cause a molecular shift in your whole being. Even though they may drift in and out of conscious memory, they are embedded in who I am - in who you are. Currently, I am reading about Yoruba religion (a new one for me). In this tradition, Yoruba wisdom speaks of "recalling what we already know within." While I cannot adequately describe with words, I know that standing in the center of the Sacred Garden's labyrinth was one of those moments of "recalling."

How about you? Have you ever experienced moments of recalling what you already know deep within?

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Tess said...

Well I was distracted for a long time by the picture of Bodie, who I want to adopt, but I'm very glad I moved on to read about your experience.
That awareness of energies, of the slowing of time, such a gift. Yes, there have been moments like that for me, the most vivid a long time ago in my childhood. Trees - there's something in the energy of trees which recalls me to prior knowledge.
(I've started the book now but not yet as far as the Yoruba, which is new to me, too.)

claire bangasser said...

Beautiful, lucy.
I am not sure such 'recalling' ever happened to me. Life-changing, molecular-shifting experiences, yes. Recalling at this point, I could not say.
Thank you.

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess, isn't bodie a treat? you're not the only one who wanted to adopt him although i imagine his food budget could probably feed a small country!

trees - oh yea. i got a huge dose of that ancient knowing when i was in ireland.

thanks, claire - my supposition is that those molecular-shifting experiences are a form of recalling - kind of like clicking the right combination on a lock when for a brief moment everything comes into alignment. who knows? pondering. pondering. pondering.

Kel said...

ah yes
the magic of the labyrinth works and weaves the mystery around and into us

thanks for sharing your experience - i had been waiting . . .

Kayce aka lucy said...

hi kel - yes, the magic of the labyrinth... i meant to pop over to your labyrinth post and let you know i finally got this one up. thanks for stopping by!

Sorrow said...

Every day I live my life backwards
and being held by Love

Kayce aka lucy said...

sorrow - thank you for those gorgeous words. may i quote you?

Dianna Woolley said...

Beautiful post and lovely remembrance for me:) My life changing moments may have to wait until another day for posting......:)


Kayce aka lucy said...

SS - i anxiously await hearing of your moments :-) xoxo

Barbara said...

Finally getting around to commenting here, lucy. I encountered one of those "deja su" moments (my expression). I finally understand the idea of nonduality, a concept I have felt uncomfortable with for some time. It has to do with letting paradox be. I can sit with that. I knew that already. Why don't they just say paradox? Anyway, I thought about you when I wrote my blog post today.