Friday, May 18, 2007

Remnants of Childhood

Remnants of childhood. Mudpies. Dandelion & purple flower soup. Feather beds. Legos abandoned in the yard. Cows on the farm. A hint of manure. Generations of childhood memories woven together. Playing in the dirt. Connecting to the earth. A child’s sandbox. Digging and building. The simplicity of life.

"Whoever inquires about our childhood wants to know something about our soul." --Erika Burkhart


Anonymous said...

Loved your memories full of smells, sights, and touches. Also loved the Erika Burkhart quote and found it resonating with me at a time when so few people are wanting to "get" where I am.
Thank you,

Soutenus said...

"Remnants of Childhood" - what a great writing prompt, comfort daydream and reminder of so much that is good. It also makes me stop and ponder what my kids' "Remnants of Childhood" will be.
Thanks for a beautiful post.

Kayce aka lucy said...

cheryl--so great to know you were here. glad you like the quote. me too!

soutenus--i love thinking of this as a writing prompt. might we see something from you?

thank you both for reading!

Soutenus said...

I would definately love to take your idea and "run a ways with it"! Thanks for the encouragement (and permission!)

I will save it for a present to myself -- as soon as school is out!