Monday, May 14, 2007

Seven Things About Me Meme

Tess from Anchors & Masts has tagged me for this meme. How exciting! I'm always up for some fun.

First, the Rules: People who are tagged start by thinking about 7 random facts/habits about themselves. Each player then must write about those seven things on their blog, as well as include these rules. Players then need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave each person a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

1. Although I now hail from Seattle, I actually consider myself a bit of a southwestern girl--having grown up in Oklahoma City, OK. A colleague recently said when he found out this fact, "Ah, now I see where you get your fight!" (He didn't realize the 'fight' probably comes most from Lucy :-)

2. Before I really start to dissolve into a belly laugh, I make this kind of guttural snorting sound that my fourteen year old daughter lovingly refers to as 'retarded.' (Not very PC...but, sorry she IS 14).

3. I absolutely love summer! My grandmother used to call me a little brown bear and for years I thought my skin was olive-colored because I always had a hint of tan.

4. When I was little, I dreamed of being Miss America and always wondered what my talent would be. Fortunately, I never went in for twirling blazing batons and gave up the notion of wearing high heels with my bathing suit. I am really glad those photos are not a part of my past or present!

5. I have not always embraced "Lucy." During a personal growth workshop, a friend dubbed me Lucy. I was livid and retorted "I am NOT Lucy!!!!" As you can see, the rest is history. (Sometimes you just have to get over yourself.)

6. For less than a year, we had the most amazing cat named, Larry. He thought he was a dog about half of the time and the other half he knew exactly when to curl up by my side and purr his little heart out. He disappeared about a year ago and I still mourn for him almost every day.

7. I have recurring dreams (both day and night) of being on the Oprah show and impacting thousands of lives in a positive way--either with my best-selling book or my powerful story of survival. Hmmmm.

AND, finally, I have a relatively small circle of blogging friends, many who have already been tagged for this meme. The joy is I have a few friends who have found me that I would like to invite further into the fun and maybe learn a few not-so-well known details about them. So I am tagging Sunrise Sister, Rich, Soutenus, Chimayo Bound, Good for Nowt, Redbarn and Geezer Dude (who has no official site yet, but I am hoping for one.)


Soutenus said...

Thanks for the tag! Yep, I had just tagged you on the book meme.

I will post this one as soon as I finish it --

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of sorry that there are no baton twirling photos, but glad we have Lucy instead!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you will be on the Oprah show with Larry's powerful story of survival. I'm sorry he disappeared. :(

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, soutenus. sorry, tess. and i really hope you're right, gabrielle.

Dianna Woolley said...

Funny you should mention Oprah, I have a draft letter to she and Gail in my drafts file....oh well, Ophrah's power influences us all in one way or another.


Dianna Woolley said...

so, where do we post our meme stuff - right here? SS

Kayce aka lucy said...

ss--you can post it here or you could put it on your own site. just let me know where it is :-)

Kayce aka lucy said...

ss--i hope your draft to oprah is about the fabulous talent of Lucy and her amazing photographer spouse. (i already checked re: manuscript submissions---they don't take any unsolicited...we'll have to think of another way to be fabulously discovered.)

Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy - The draft to Oprah very tentative - as I began to recount the reasons we sisters might appear, I found the story a little (in the words of Lucy) bland:)in comparison to others I've seen occasionally on the air.

BUT, never fear, all business/motivational book writers and speech makers, at one point or another, remind the reader/listener that if one can think up one criminal way, or even one honest way, to earn a dollar - the same amount of effort expended can produce 100 ways to produce a $million.

Let's get to work on that million:)
Sunrise Sis

goodfornowt said...

I need a few more blogging friends to get me up to seven. I'll get back to you on this later.

Kayce aka lucy said...

hi goodfornowt--
you could always break the rules and just do the meme for fun without tagging anyone (that's actually my personal favorite way to go :-)

redbarn said...

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for the tag! My blogging circle is also relatively small and I was also tagged by Christine. But I've posted my list on my blog and then tagged 4 others so I did break the rules - oh well!

Dispatches from East Africa said...

Thanks for the tag, Lucy (I'm so new to this blogging thing, that I had no idea what a 'tag' was until now. And I certainly don't have seven blogging friends--in fact, I think you're one of two!!)

But, alas . . .
Far be it from me to turn down an assignment!
See my blog tomorrow for my response. And feel free to tell all of your blogging friends about Chimayo Bound.

Enjoy the sun!

Kayce aka lucy said...

redbarn and chimayo--

glad you've joined this group of rebels! thanks for playing by your own rules :-)


goodfornowt said...

Seven things about me are now on my blog. Thanks for inviting me.