Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Women in Christianity

I was going to post something entirely different here this morning, but after seeing this video at my friend, Rich's blog, I could not think of anything else. I wept as I watched this and I cannot yet (or possibly will I ever) distinguish between how much of it is from the pain of watching and how much from the beauty of these young, glorious faces. How can anyone who calls themself "of God" say these women are "less than"? I'd love to know your responses and reactions.

Watch here. Women in Christianity

photo by Mary Jane Hughlett, Belgian Congo, late 1950's


Anonymous said...

Oh God yes. The comparison between the beauty of the images and the ugliness of the words. Thank you for posting this, it's intensely moving to me.

Rich Sclafani said...

thanks for the hit and for your comments. i'm glad it hit you as it did for me. looking forward to our time. have a great sunny afternoon. and btw i see you as one of those powerful examples of a Godly woman. and i consider it a great blessing to have you as a friend!

Dianna Woolley said...

Rich, Thanks for sharing the video. I bet you would agree...I hope so anyway, I don't think a man worth his salt today would sell short the power and minds of women....of course, some of the men named in the video have little evidence of having any valid, worthwhile opinions about anything - much less women!

The video didn't make me weep - it only annoyed me that narrow-mindedness has existed from the beginning of history, in the voices of both men and women.

Humbly offered:) from Sunrise Sis

Dispatches from East Africa said...

Beautiful video--the lovely, strong, inspiring, hopeful faces of so many young women juxtaposed against those ignorant, cruel and small words was very powerful. I, too, felt annoyed--but also horrified as it brought to mind how many different groups of people--the mentally ill, the poor, people of color, immigrants, people of other religions, etc etc etc etc--are vilified by those with power.