Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A is for Anniversary

While doing a little writing this morning, I decided to see what I was up to at this time last year. I came across this fun game and decided it was worth posting again this year. I loved looking at my list and realized it still holds true for me today. Have fun reading and I hope you might decide to take a break from whatever you are doing and play a little!!

This is a fun little game I discovered at Christine's Blog who originally found it at Cathy’s blog. (I don’t happen to know Cathy, however, we are now connected through this letter game and if I had the letter, C, I would add the word Connection, Christine and now Cathy.) Many who played the game said it was harder than you think. I imagined it would be hard to come up with 10, however, my brain switched into high gear and I had a list of about 45 “A’s” before I told myself to slow down and pick 10. So here goes.

1. Christine gave me the letter A for Awakening, so I shall start there. Awakening my creative spirit, awakening to each new day and experience, awakening to life around me. These are most definitely things I love!

2. Advent season has been an amazing time of waiting and discovery for me this year. Great expectation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and anticipation of what new birth is happening in my life.

3. Aging. I wavered a bit on whether or not I truly love aging. It is one of those love/hate dilemmas, however, aging has provided me with a new perspective and a new zest for life that I did not have in my younger years. It provides a preciousness to each new day and each new year. I turned 50 on September 11 of this year, so hurray for Aging!!

4. Asking questions and seeking answers. I love this, particularly done in community or in my quiet time with the Lord. The beauty is that there are no pat answers and half the fun comes in the asking and seeking.

5. I love Angels! Doesn’t everyone?? I think one of the things I imagine and envy most about angels is their wings. I love the possibility that they can fly which leads me to #6 and….

6. Airplanes. Airplanes take me to far away places for adventure and reunion with friends. My favorite airplane was the tiny one that I jumped out of and flew through the air myself. The air was buoyant and felt like the hands of God gently holding me in my downward flight. It was…

7. Amazing! Life just gets more and more amazing to me. There are new adventures each day, new awakenings, new people, places and things to discover. Truly Amazing!!

8. I could not finish a list of things I love with out including at least one author, because books are one of my very favorite things. I choose Anne Lamott to grace this list. I love her irreverent reverence and her advice from Bird by Bird that if you want to be a writer, “Write!!” These are words that get me going when I often wonder where my writing will lead. Just write!

9. As with authors, the list would not be complete without mentioning a few places since I love adventure and travel. I love Asheville, NC. I have had dreams of moving there and becoming an artist full time. Arizona is wonderful with its beautiful deserts and warm dry climate. Alaska must be fabulous because it produced my dear friend, Maria, and Africa birthed my wonderful husband, Bill—both are places I hope to visit in this lifetime. (Australia is also on my very short list of places that I love before ever having been there.)

10. Since this list of gratitude and love could go on and on, I will end with Abundance and Amen!!

Thank you, Christine and Cathy. If anyone else would like to play, send me a note and I will send you a letter. Blessings and Abundance to you during this Amazing season of Advent. Amen.

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Dianna Woolley said...

Oh, I think I love this game; but then you made it look ever so easy! Send me a letter, please.
xoxo SS

Kayce aka lucy said...

sunrise sister should certainly receive an "S", don't you think? so glad you decided to play!

Ted Marshall said...

Yes please, send me a letter!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, If I ask you to send a letter do I get the holiday season to work on it!!!??? Love, Pamela (I did love what you did with A....Awsome!!!)

The Dream said...

Cool game! Please send me a letter, Lucy!
I love everything you wrote.
Thanks for yesterday's contact. I am so grateful to have connected with you this year!

Barbara said...

Please, may I have a letter, too? I want to join the game.

Kayce aka lucy said...

This is so much fun to see who wants to come out to play!!! I could certainly use some playmates on this gray, rainy day!!!

Please let me know that you got your letter & if you choose to post somewhere, link back here so we can all enjoy the fun! So, here goes:

Tess--I am giving you the letter "E" in honor of your homeland (and because I always refer to you as my English friend.)

Pamela--I will give you "T" so you make take all the time you need.

Dream--I know I already did it, but the letter that comes to mind for you is "A" because you are such a fabulous artist!!

Barbara--so delighted to see you here!!! your letter is "W" as I welcome you to "diamonds".

have fun & keep me posted!!!

Barbara said...

I posted my list. All are welcome to read it.

Kayce aka lucy said...

it's a great list, barbara!!!

Sue said...

Wow, this was a great list from you, too! If it's not too late, I'll have a letter too :)

storyteller said...

What fun! I'd like to play too. May I have a letter please, Lucy?

Kayce aka lucy said...

sue...hmmm what letter for you? i think i'll choose "B" in honor of blue. (how's that for a little rhyme?)

storyteller...i know how you love to play so what better letter than "P" to brighten your day?

have fun ladies...remember to let me know when you have your list up and linked!!

Sue said...

Oooh, goody :) Okay, B it is. I will let you know when I have done it (gonna go away and let it mull. But maybe, just maybe, the word "blue" will make it in there. It is my favourite colour, you know - apart from yellow and orange :)

Sue said...

So is it your 10 favourite things starting with that letter, or your 10 favourite words?