Thursday, December 20, 2007


...a continued reflection

Our heart is an amazing vessel that often lives in its shadow side. (Think “Tinman” in the Wizard of Oz…"If I only had a heart.” The heart is filled with blood vessels. Yes, vessels…carrying the lifeblood that runs through our veins. The blood that comes from our ancestors. My mother. My grandmothers. The “greats” I never knew.

Vessels of life. Petals of red. Red roses. Red poppies. Red wine. Blood. Sacrificial blood. Dying so that we might live. Opening up space. A field of flowers. Open and wild. Making room for forgiveness. Making room for me. For only when I love myself deeply can I do the same for others. Rainbow’s promise. The pot of gold. Vessels.

Vessels of crystal and glass. Of wood and earth. They are all fragile. They break. They crack. So, care for the vessel. The holy carrier of God. Hollow me out, Lord. File away the rough edges so that I may be filled with you. Let the lifeblood flow freely through the vessels of my heart.

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Ted Marshall said...

A beautiful and powerful reflection. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post a boy do I know about the Journey of the Tin Man and his quest for his heart!! I love the thoughts on vessels...especially ones with cracks......"light comes through the cracks!" I love the quote of Ernest Hemingway who said "Not everything that appears to be broken needs to be fixed. In fact, some of us are strong at the broken places!" I guess it depends on what one uses to glue or mend the broken places! Love, Pamela

Kayce aka lucy said...

you are most welcome, tess.

pamela, i love the quote "light comes through the cracks." i can't imagine where i would be without my brokenness...certainly not perfect, that's for sure!!