Friday, May 30, 2008

a couple of things...

first, i would like to apologize for my lack of participation with the many wonderful sites i try to visit on a regular basis and leave comments. time seems to be both flying by at an unusually rapid rate lately, while also seemingly standing still at other times. both phenomena, nevertheless, have contributed to keeping me somewhat quiet on the blogging front--both my own and others (which is the point of this ramble.) i so appreciate all of you who stop by to read (even though i only know who a very few of you are) and i am slowly catching up on my reading of the wonderful things many of you have to offer.

second, i must say that i have already had a fabulous weekend and it's only friday evening. i left early yesterday morning to make the trek across the state of washington from seattle to walla walla (approximately 275 miles.) i was delivering some of my favorite photographer's work to the carnegie art center where three pieces have been accepted into their juried art show. hurray for h3!!! i had a delightful drive during which time i listened to three great podcasts from "Speaking of Faith" with Krista Tippett and lots and lots of music of MY choice (not something i always do when others of less discriminating taste are in the car with me.)

the bonus of the trip was getting to spend time with the fabulous sunrise sister, the self-proclaimed curmudgeon, country parson and the always entertaining riley. who could ask for more?

although i did not ask for more that is just what i got on my return trip home. about 100 miles out from seattle, i opted to put the top down on my little convertible, crank up the tunes and cruise the rest of the way in. the music was fabulous and ranged from the profound to the peppy and even a little profane. glorious all around! i did choose to turn off the tunes as i came across snoqualmie pass where i listened to the silence of the great mountain sprinkled with periodic waterfalls and the rushing of the wind while perfectly blue skies danced above my head. absolutely fabulous!! my only regret (and it is a small one indeed) is that there was no place to pull over with my camera to capture the beauty of the drive. hopefully, these few words will pull the images back into my mind and the rest of you will just have to use your own imagination.

o.k. that's it for now. i hope you have a fabulous weekend too! thanks for stopping by.

photo "fishing in yelapa" by h3 images (one of the selections for the art show)


Dianna Woolley said...

Yipee - lovely description. Memories of my teenage years, in particular, when I sometimes drove alone, music cranked, windows open (no convertible at the time:) brings back terrific rushes of fun. Happy to have been a part of your lovely weekend.

Will looked forward to seeing h3 and mj next weekend:)


Karen said...

That sounds so utterly lovely...

Ted Marshall said...

Thank you for bringing us with you on your journey through your words. Wonderful.

And well done H3!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, ladies...any favorite road tunes of your own?

storyteller said...

I’ve spent time this morning catching up here … started with your April 6th HOME post as you wrote of challenges of ‘catching up’ …(boy can I relate to THIS one) … feeling ‘caught in between’ … giving yourself time to sit with your thoughts. Perfect!

Next I moved through each in turn … your ‘funky emotional dump’ … the quotes that followed along with the realization that writing those feelings down enabled you to let them go and find your way to gratitude … reminding me why I’ve missed you. Several times I’ve wanted to drop by … but didn’t want to RUSH through anything because there’s always so much depth in what you share and I choose to give myself time to let it ‘resonate’ and sink in.

Of course … the third way of ‘compassionate knowing’ … yet the lingering ‘in between’ feelings (like when Linus’ blanket is in the dryer & he has nothing to hold on to) when we’re neither here nor there … taking leaps of faith. Your work at soltura and your personal journey along with what you share of yourself on your blogs seems so honest … genuine … and amazing as you dream … ask questions (of yourselves and others) … acknowledge beginnings and endings and make space for longing and letting go … embracing the mystery … waiting & listening … stopping to let things soak in … examining ‘roles & goals’ … considering what’s left when all falls away.

Then there’s the reconnecting … recognizing the ‘we’ between I and they … and the ever-present reminders of God in and around us everywhere … (taking a quick Blogthing break for lightness) … then ‘recycling’ an old piece (that was perfect by the way) when ‘stuck’ … tossing in a ‘simple’ collage … and a gorgeous flower photo (what powerful image in the words ‘the thorns of blooming’ … and the need to wait rather than rush God) … My mind is off and running into it’s own flurry.

And here’s your apology … about the time I’m ready to offer my own. Perhaps neither of us need apologize for allowing ourselves to be present and follow our uniquely individual (yet somehow similarly parallel paths)?

I’m doing my best to catch up this morning. Life has been so busy that visiting blogs has taken a back seat even though I’ve continued to post daily at Small Reflections and a couple of times each week at Sacred Ruminations. With friends ‘in town’ rather than traveling and with attending Photoshop classes (2-3 times per week at 3-4 hours a stretch), keeping up with Molly … gardening … and other ‘real world’ responsibilities (in addition to wanting to watch the French Open matches the past two weeks) … lots fell through the cracks … and it may continue to do so indefinitely, but I’m trying to take one thing at a time and do my best … trusting it’s good enough.

I wish you well on your continuing journey and will try to catch up at Lucy Creates another time.
Hugs and blessings,

Kayce aka lucy said...

hi storyteller--

it's really great to hear from you. you always give me a nice little walk down memory lane when you do a "catch up."

i must admit that while i like your haikus, i really miss the days when you wrote in prose :-)

hugs to you!