Friday, May 16, 2008

keep it simple

Have you ever noticed how sometimes it is the “simple” things that can express what we ourselves may not be able to put into words? The basics…like scissors, paper and glue; the laugh of a child; the warmth of the sun; the breeze through your hair; the words of a friend. Simple.

I can feel the essence of what is going on for me right now. I even thought the words might form a little better today and I guess maybe they have. So, here goes: Keep it Simple. That is what I hear and that is what I share. Simple, right? ☺

What are the "simple" things that help you see or express yourself when words will not form?

"wish for what you believe" by lucy 5.15.08


Ted Marshall said...

For me it's got to be things from the natural world, whether that's a leaf, a flower, a bird's call, the silhouette of a tree, my cat purring loudly.
Good question.

Kel said...

a tin of soft pastels and my visual journal
scribble and symbols sometimes make more sense when words can't

Barbara said...

For me, it is the eyes or the touch of another. It goes beyond words to reach me more deeply than a word could.

Sue said...

Ye, the natural world for me, definitely. Sometimes I can't even articulate what it is, it's so deep. It's like there's stuff going on in my heart that I'm only dimly aware of and then wham, afterwards, it's been expressed and I don't even know what it was. Kinda like what Mike says here:

Kayce aka lucy said...

the natural world.
art...pastels & visual journal.
relationship...the eyes or touch of another.

i found myself saying "yes" after reading each of your responses.

thank you deeply, tess, kel, barbara & sue