Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"how tempting it is to turn waiting into a game of Clue--hurrying as fast as you can through the corridors, searching for clues that will give you the answers you need." --Sue Monk Kidd

sometimes waiting needs to be just that...waiting.

a bud forced to bloom too soon turns into a broken blossom, not a flower.

a cocoon cut open before it's time produces a butterfly with weak wings.

telling God what we think is going to happen probably creates a chuckle or possibly even a belly laugh in the hallways of heaven.

sometimes waiting needs to be just that...waiting


Sue said...

Ahhh, yes.

I know my waiting gets easier and easier the more I see God doing his stuff in my life and the calibre of his work :) But then, this last week it's all been shot to hell because it's just been too painful.

That's freedom, isn't it, to wait in the not knowing, but knowing that what you can't see is realy good :) Heh :)

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Anonymous said...

Perfect quote lucy, I could write volumes in response, but for this morning I will just say amen. :-)

Anonymous said...

Waiting has been my experience (my test?) again and again in the last few years. All I can say is - I'm not good at it. I try hard, but I can't seem to hang on to the patience,and even more likely, the lack of control. I'm in waiting (I also call it transition) just now - and I'm running circles, out of breath, and I'm not there yet.

Dianna Woolley said...

Oh, a peach of a poem. Your descriptive phrases are so, so.....spot on!!!



Karen said...

Waiting has been pretty hard for me of late...I can feel change percolating, but it's a long time coming...

Anonymous said...

I actually like waiting, in a general sense; I like the wonder of it, the quiet anticipation of what He may have in store.

Anonymous said...

17 syllables on waiting . . .

between God's promise
and its fulfillment in you,
faith is perfected.

. . . as in moving towards perfection.

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you thank you thank you ALL!!