Sunday, May 18, 2008

more simplicity

in my last post, i spoke of how sometimes the simple things can express to us what words cannot. at other times, it is simple words that speak to me. often they come from my own pen and then i sit and ponder them thinking "hmmm...did i write that? i wonder where that came from."

the phrase that popped out this morning and repeatedly appeared in my journaling was:

the thorns of blooming

so...what do you think? does this phrase speak to you? if so, i would love to know what you hear.

that's all for today...still "keeping it simple". ☺

poppy & hawthorne tree photo by lucy


Anonymous said...

Thorns of blooming....I find myself at point of major change and transformation in my life - a good point actually, a time of blooming - but I'm finding blooming isn't simple/easy, it is difficult/complex - blooming definatly has thorns.

Anonymous said...

lucy, my response was the same as the previous comment -- I am going through these big transitions and the blossoming is thrilling in some ways, painful and definitely "thorny" in others, especially as it confronts me with my own limited assumptions and beliefs.

Kayce aka lucy said...

you ladies have named it well. it seems as though transition, thorns and blooming all go together. it's good to have fellow blossomers to move along the journey together.

thanks for commenting :-)

Ted Marshall said...

I really like where you're going with this theme of simplicity, Lucy and I agree with the other comments.
I gather there is a type of rose that doesn't have thorns, but to me it would somehow not be a "whole" rose.
Maybe it's something to do with 'earning' our simplicity, although I'm always a bit chary of this concept because of the glee with which some Christian church fathers embrace pain.

elaine said...

What a perfect little phrase, Lucy.

Yes, it speaks to me. Without the thorns to "prick" me into action, I think I'd stay in a dormant (seed-like), safe state waiting for the "right conditions" (as I define them) to bloom.

Also, I equate bloom with beauty and certainly thorny patches in my life make me seek beauty as well as be recognize it exists among the brambles and prickly bits.

Lots more I could say but like you, a few words are best.

And I do love the photo. It will help me remember the wisdom insight in this post. Very evocative and appropriate.

Thank you.

Barbara said...

It seems to me that the blossom itself does not experience the thorn, but rather those who might hinder its blossoming.
I can be a bit thorny when I am undergoing change. I guess it is wise to notice those moments as a kind of signpost and be less judgmental.

Kayce aka lucy said...

oh my, what a wonderful trio of responses from you--tess, elaine & barbara! i honor and respect your wisdom. thank you for sharing it!!

Dianna Woolley said...

Phrase so accurate - photo so beautiful. Poppies are such a wonderful combo of softness and NOT.

xoxoxo from one of your bloomers:)

Karen said...

It's an interesting phrase--blooming is definitely NOT easy...hmmm...must think more of this...