Monday, June 23, 2008


Is it fading memory or past inobservance? I don’t remember ever awakening to this amazing, picture perfect view right outside my window. Did I not turn to the west upon awakening in the past? Or is there a new window—a wall moved just a foot or two? I think not, because the room is perfectly symmetrical as it is. How can I miss something so simple and so amazingly beautiful? Something that is right before my very eyes?

I think we must do it all the time. The missing, I mean. Some say we cannot go looking for the sacred. Is that true? If we do not open our hearts, eyes or minds, how will we know it is there? And what of those times when we desperately want to see God and yet we feel or see nothing? A dark night of the soul, if you will.

There it is—the paradox of being. We must see to believe, but in the looking we miss what is simply there. Hmmmm. Is that what I meant to say? In looking for my words do they fail to come? Is something lost in the translation from heart to head? Yet I must put pen to paper for something to tangibly emerge. Or must I?

“Let it be,” says the still small voice. “Be” that simple tiny small word that is so huge. Let it be. Be still and know. Be still. Be.

How will I choose to “be” today? How will you?


Sorrow said...

I wanted to express How much I enjoy coming by, even when i do not comment. I was recently surprised to receive an award, and i am passing it along to you...
It is at my Journal site Walking the labyrinth of Life...
Just a way to share you with others..

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,

I think the 'be still' part is important. Even if it's just for brief moments during the day to pause, reflect, or just take a few cleansing breaths so to speak.

You wonder how much we really do miss; we're looking but not seeing.

Ted Marshall said...

I'm late commenting, but still... you ask whether we can go looking for the sacred, and I'd have to say no I don't think so, in a 'grabby' sort of way. But being open to the sacred, having awareness of each moment, is that looking? Maybe, but in a very different way. It's certainly receiving. Certainly being in communion with.

Dianna Woolley said...

I choose to read the posts of your "Being" this week - you stinker! - I thought you weren't going to post. I'll catch up now. Having just swept through the photos to see what I'd missed these are beautiful shots - again, I can "feel" the air.

Riley and I have been doing early a.m . walks and the air has been crisp and clean - truly sacred and for this blessing one does need to arise early in WW.