Saturday, June 21, 2008


Do you ever have conversations with yourself? I don’t mean little mutterings, but full blown, pros and cons, asking questions and seeking answers kind of conversations? Well, if not, I highly recommend it. As Flannery O’Connor said, “I write to discover what I know.” Although more often my writing feels like it is discovering more and more of what I don’t know, because the questions just keep multiplying. The cool thing is that I am really o.k. with that. More so even than having all the answers which seems like a totally impossible task, don’t you think?

While I would like the share with you this morning’s conversation, it seems to be one that is ongoing and so impossible (and too large) to capture in one readable blog post. Nevertheless, I will share a snippet of it.

I woke up this morning pondering “what is sacred”? (i.e. How would one define sacred?) The first definition I found was “connected with God.” I like that. It resonates with me. It’s simple without too many words or fuss. (I do not choose to define God in this post. You will have to do that for yourself ☺. ) So, why was I pondering “sacred”? Well, yesterday felt like a very sacred day to me.

It was about finding the sacred in Seattle on a summer Friday night. Far away from the four walls of any institution. Feeling the life force around me while driving along the beach of Alki Point, soaking up the West Seattle culture. The magnificence of the city spread before us. The tempting call of the lapping waves. Dipping our toes into the cold Sound while conversing with a waif of a girl and her scraggly old dog puppy. Fresh sea air mixed with the warm heat of the day. Sacred. Friendship. Bread. Wine. Communion. Being seen in the eyes of another. Sacred conversation—not how to “save” the world, but how to "be" in the world so that our gifts are shared. God manifested. The evening was awe inspired and inspiring. Sacred, indeed.

More thoughts and conversation continued from there, but I choose to stop now and sit in the beauty of that little snippet. Perhaps the conversation will continue at another time. For now, however, I hope you will consider what “sacred” means to you. How about “fellowship”? Communion? Church? Have a little conversation here or perhaps with yourself even ☺.

Wishing you a blessed and sacred Saturday!

photos by lucy 6.20.08. "driving" & view from Salty's West Seattle.


Anonymous said...

lucy, I just wrote you a thank you note, but wanted to chime in here as well as it was such a gift to share last night's sacred moments with you. I discover the sacred in those places that open my heart to new possibilities and new visions, sometimes that is through laughter and sometimes through great sorrow. Church is reveling in the beauty of creation, sharing a sacred meal with a soul friend. lots of love, C

Anonymous said...

I love the O'Connor quote "I write to discover what I know." that is sooo true - very often I have found myself writing something, very often to a friend or in a journal, or hearing myself say something in an often totally unrelated conversation - and stopping in amazment thinking "I didn't know I knew that!".

As far as carrying on a conversation with myself - yes, I do - when there is something major on my mind I've been known to talk it out. I think it has to do with thinking, seeing, hearing and writing, all using different parts of the brain. We understand, and I think know, and certainly see different things depending upon the "media".

As far as what is sacred - there's quite a bit that I would consider sacred. There's monumental sacred, and everyday sacred. We just overlook it most of the time. Sacred is an inside job, it's in the eye of the beholder, it can be everywhere or nowhere or only certain somewheres, depends on your attention. We can define it to narrow confines or gasp with the absolute wonder of an all encompassing presence.

What is that quote? "Bidden or unbidden God is present" Seen or unseen so is the sacred.

See...I didn't know I knew that.

Barbara said...

Sacred has less to do with place than with encounter to me. There is something sacred in the space between two individuals that enable them to communicate, to understand, to experience compassion. It is holy ground, that space.

Sue said...

I agree with kitteh Barbara. You can have a sacred encounter in an alley in front of a whole lot of rubbish bins (trash cans) :)

Thanks for sharing this. It tasted salty summery in my mouth.

Ted Marshall said...

I have conversations with myself all the time. It can be very helpful.
Sacred is... all kinds of things but my conversation tells me that it is oneself in communion with not-oneself, whether that is a soul-friend, sunset or spider's web.
To misquote that old thing about the tree falling in the forest: is a rose sacred if there is no-one to share its beauty?

Anonymous said...

sacred is

any moment or pooling of moments when the heart finds its true home

Karen said...

I find that it's difficult to define or even go looking for sacred. I live my life and then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, I am stunned by a moment of sacredness.

Dianna Woolley said...

The conversations with myself are sometimes nutty and sometimes just down right inspirational. I often write down notes re the creativity chats and although I find them very heady in the conversation - sometimes a little flat on creativity when they hit the paper:( But I do enjoy those mind chats.

The sacred for me all comes from God and consists of teeny, as well as enormous gifts that I never "see coming." The breeze of the day, a small child mirroring my hands folding open and closed while sitting at cafe tables across the room from each other, an overwhelming urge to say an "out loud" thank you Jesus for the saving words coming from the speaker's lips....I see sacred every day of my life - if I don't recognize it, it's definitely my loss.

Beautiful post you've provoked our minds with.....the capture of VW windshield is beautifully done.


Sue said...

My art therapist was trying to get me to have conversations with the clay while I was moulding it. Which made me realise that I do that all the time, converse with things I'm writing or moulding. But she wanted me to write it down, said that it's a really powerful thing. I felt too silly to do that, but maybe next time :)