Thursday, June 26, 2008

diary of a day

  • cafe latte in bed
  • light breakfast with friends & dogs
  • walk to the beach
  • stroll
  • swim in the sea
  • walk to the house
  • swim in the pool
  • shower outside
  • lunch
  • read
  • nap on the veranda with cool island breeze
  • read
  • nap
  • read
  • play with water color paints alongside new friend
  • dress for dinner
  • outdoor dining at "rustico" fabulous!!
  • conversation
  • late night game with the teens
  • finish book
  • sleep
ahhhhhhh...just another day in paradise...


Anonymous said...

Wow lucy, I am SOOOOOOO envious! Especially the part about swimming in the sea -- still haven't figured our to get my fix. But I am so delighted you are having such a marvelous time becauseyou definitely deserve it. :-)

Dianna Woolley said... favoritee, besides knowing you felt the evening breeze on your sun-kissed shoulders.....the "play w/water color paints alongside new friend"


we need to talk "workshops" when you get home:)

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

How did you cope with the stress of it all?? ;-)

Barbara said...

You are a bit more active than I am these days :S but, were I in such a paradise, I would find a way to get just this busy!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, friends!

C--that swim in the sea was definitely done in your honor :-)

xoxooxxo to all!!