Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what color is your world?

My mind seems to be operating in colors these days. The purple, golden and aquas of my quilt. The glorious changing colors of the trees—burgundy, rust, deep plum and brilliant yellow. The fluorescent green turf of soccer fields. The gray fog-filled sky before the sun breaks through to brilliant azure. And so, this morning my offering is this piece penned while on retreat at Camp Cross in early September.

Blue. I raise my eyes from the written page and I see blue. Water. Sky. Mountains, too. Dark. Light. Rippling. Still. Streaked with gentle white clouds & punctuated by fluffy balls of cotton.

Blue. Surrounded by sentries of green pines. The waves gently moving. In & out. Away & toward. The motion churns my stomach until we become one. Molecules of water—all. Why should we be separate?

Blue. My jacket is blue. My heart, too. The sadness stirring deep within. Inside the depths. It starts as a ripple. Surface smooth. Deep inside I have all I need. The fish deep within the dark pool. Safe inside the womb. Free from the raging hurricane above.

Water Sky
Mirror of God
Holding me Washing me

What color is your world?


Anonymous said...

Yummy blue. I have to second how great blue has been. Our PNW weather lately? Divine...and blue.


Kayce aka lucy said...

andie--so you have me totally curious live in the PNW? might we be neighbors? i love your site!!!

Unknown said...

I would say out here in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia it is all auburn and crimson with the autumnal season setting in!

Anonymous said...

lovely images and question, i am feeling a bit like a crazy quilt for today, a little scattered and longing for deep ocean blue or the blackness of a night sky where I can rest in stillness and silence. Soon.

Dianna Woolley said...

Although I enjoyed reading your piece from CC, I've spent the day rummaging through family photos and blue is not my color of the moment. A job I hadn't really planned for this day.....but

Wonderful memories, good family stock in spite of what we sometimes find to grumble about - lots of giggles and good memories - I think I'm in a happy red mood right now:)


Kayce aka lucy said...

G--auburn & crimson sounds lovely!

C--wishing you lots of deep rest SOON!!

SS--glad you are in a happy red mood, even though the tone still feels a little grumbly...sorry if your day was not what you had planned.