Thursday, June 11, 2009


The days are full - long - bright. I sit for a few moments this morning gathering my thoughts.

My candles burn - one labeled, "togetherness"; the other "everyday sacred." A stone of black sits at their base and reminds me of the earth and darkness that complements and threatens the light. A spiraling shell represents water and so much more. Finally, a pure white feather whispers to me of air.

Words float everywhere around me - in books - music - my mind. The music reminds me to breathe and my old friend, Merton, speaks to me of the beauty of this time of day when night turns into morning. When everything is new and possibilities abound.

"The fire of a wild white sun has eaten up the distance between hope and despair.
Dance in this sun, you tepid idiot. Wake up and dance in the clarity of perfect contradiction."
--Thomas Merton

What are your reminders today? Will you take time to notice the beauty that abounds?

photo by lucy from st. andrew's retreat center 5.09


Karen said...

For me, it's finding the loveliness in a shadowed, cloudy day...feeling the humidity, watching the trees dance...noticing the particular lushness of the flowers...

Barbara said...

Unsettled weather hereabouts -- I guess that tells me something about the unfinishedness of me. But the bubbling laughter of my calligraphy teacher when I went to her studio to retrieve my "moon drawings" that I forgot the other day reminded me once more that I am OK in my unfinishedness. She gave me a few more pieces of metallic paper to use in producing a few more "moonscapes." It is so very encouraging that she entrusts me with these papers. As I drove about lovely ideas came to mind. So nice to be unfinished and with space to grow into.

Kayce aka lucy said...

karen--thank you for offering such beautiful images. may more meet you each day!!

barbara--have you read any of joan anderson's work? "a year by the sea"; "a walk on the beach". she speaks of being an unfinished woman. i absolutely love that concept, because, heh, once we're finished?!?!??!

have fun bringing those lovely ideas to fruition!

Dianna Woolley said...

So much beauty to observe in this world and how wonderful it is to see it with the special person in life that I love. This roadtrip has been so filled with beauty I sometimes feel like bursting. The mountains, the plains, the rain, the clouds, the open blue sky, the knowledge of unknown ancestors of our present day humanity - people of intelligence, cleverness, artistic visions of beauty. Reading Michener's "The Source" as we travel in this part of the USA, I can almost imagine that there are scenes from M's description of ancient man that are very apropos here in this part of our country. Oh yes, the reminders of beauty that abounds are clear and I am so grateful to be able to see them and savor the adventure. Thanks for asking:)