Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simple Woman...Simple Day

Browsing the wonderful sites on the web is one of my favorite things to do. I am always so inspired by what others are doing and offering to each of us. I found this "journal" at Inspired (how appropriate is that?). The direct link, however, goes to The Simple Woman. I decided to use this journal format today to remind myself of the beauty of simplicity.

FOR TODAY (June 25, 2009)...

Outside my window...the sky is overcast with the occasional tease of sunshine. The rhododendrons are releasing their final blooms and the wind gently reminds me that the trees are alive.

I am is a gift to be alive. To have the senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and voice through my written words.

I am thankful for...this moment and all it encompasses.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies) are not all rooms, rooms of learning?

From the kitchen...fresh yogurt, slices of mango, deep red raspberries; all sprinkled with raw oats and accompanied by warm coffee.

I am p.j.’s: soft cotton boxer shorts commandeered from my dear husband and an oversized Texas t-shirt from my friend in Dallas, covered by my thermal pink hoody. My feet sit cozily inside my Uggs. ☺

I am creating...this moment. (and later my new professional website.)

I am sit on the beach with my dear friend and contemplate possibilities later this afternoon.

I am reading...mainly blog posts with an occasional dip into Angela’s Ashes and my significant pile of books.

I am hoping...I will stay present to all this day has to offer.

I am hearing...The hum of the white-noise machine left on from last night and the chirping of birds outside my window.

Around the house...all is quiet. My daughter sleeps soundly in her room while I type quietly in my studio.

One of my favorite things...Laughter! ☺

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow, I am connecting with a friend I have not seen in 33 years! Facebook rocks! Hanging an art show with hubbie. Watching my daughter play soccer. Breathing in life!

The picture thought I am at the beginning of the post ☺!

So that's my simple day. I'd love to hear about yours!!

photo in my studio today.


kate i said...

It's amazing how this format of statements gives such a clear picture of you, your life, your thoughts and your surroundings. I really like it!

I almost feel like I'm sitting beside you over morning coffee...and you sitting there in your jammies and uggs...and listening to you talk about your day.

I'm intrigued about the new professional website and hearing more about this new venture.

Beautiful the shadow and light on the sunflowers.

Dianna Woolley said...

It is very nice to have experienced your day with you. The format is a lovely one and I, too, am eager to receive the link for your new website and to learn where the photog is showing next:)


Kayce aka lucy said...

hi kate--the format seems quite romantic today. i wonder if readers would feel the same when they notice each morning looks much the same (including uggs and coffee). more about the "new venture" will be forthcoming soon. i am working out a few details and technical challenges before the unveiling :-)

Kayce aka lucy said...

ss--if you'd like a sneak preview of the site, let me know. i am looking for a kind editor.

the photographer will have a 20+ piece two-month show at the elysian fields (brew pub near safeco field). hopefully he will have enough umpph after the framing and hanging to do a little promotional work too!!

Kel said...

"hanging an art show with hubbie" sounds like fun

can we see some pictorial journaling of that :-)

Kayce aka lucy said...

great idea, kel. like i said, to sunrise sister, he may need a little help doing the promotional work once he gets the show up. 25 pieces is a lot to select, print, frame and hang!!

i'll see what i can do with your request :-)

Tess said...

This is quite a nice idea. It could be used as a format to "vent" as well, when days are not going so well. (Which is where I find myself at the moment."

Karen said...

Perfectly lovely...I believe I'll give this prompt a go sometime this seems to evoke gentle joy...

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess--i think this is a perfectly wonderful venue for a "vent". i hope you will give it a go! feel those feelings, baby!!

karen--'gentle joy' is a lovely description...i was considering the prompt again this morning while the skies are blue and the sun is glimmering more decisively. look forward to reading yours!