Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transported in Time

Driving home last night from the final session of my memoir writing class, I was transported back in time. When I was 16 I drove a 1969 pale yellow, black top VW convertible bug. That era and little beetle hold some of the most carefree memories of my life. How perfect to be old enough to experience freedom, but young enough to not carry a whole lot of responsibilities. [ I could easily veer off here and muse about the differences for 16 year olds today (since I have one in residence), but this is a different topic.]

Anyway, last night I was driving home in my 2007 cream on cream VW convertible (who says you can’t go back?). It was a little chilly outside, but the sky was beautiful as I headed across Lake Washington toward Ballard. I cranked up the heater and the stereo and soaked it all in. My i-pod was doing its shuffle thing and WHAM I was transported in time. Bachman Turner Overdrive, “Takin’ Care of Business” came zooming toward me like a wild Karaoke host who put a make-believe microphone in my hand and shouted, “Sing it, Girlfriend!” Well, all I can say is that for a few brief moments, any pressure, stress or worry that comes with being a “responsible” adult drifted right out my car into the night air. I gave myself over to the moment and I was ageless. I sang like a diva. I dreamed like a child. I felt every sense of my body like the woman I am! Oh, it was great!

Perhaps I am easily amused. Who cares? Those little moments of being fully alive are really what counts, right? Have you experienced any of those lately? Music is one of the things that can take me back in time (or out-of-time) faster than anything else. How about you? If you wanted to pop into another place or mood, what song would hit the top of your playlist? Where would it take you? What would it tell you?

self-portrait 6.29.09


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think these moments are the WHOLE POINT! :) Lovely.

Country Parson said...

Egad, I'm in trouble. Most of my favorites are from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Dianna Woolley said...

I love these moments of which you speak and being easily amused is a gift in my opinion! By listening to the music of CHANT, I can be transported back to a chapel where my husband was attending seminary to the voices of seminarians chanting back and forth to each other from one side of the chapel to the other - it was a magical time of "adults" (my spouse was the oldest member of his class at the time - I perhaps the oldest of spouses on campus - we weren't ancient) being allowed the joy of worship and learning, a freedom to explore God's love in daily communion with others - that's a whole 'nother post....The other music that transports me is Donna Summer disco music - puts me right back in the middle of Studio 54, NYC - lights, whirling, crazy joyous dancing of exuberance. Oh, I've got more but I think I feel a post coming on:)


Love your post, the picture is fab:)

Dianna Woolley said...

....and, I'm surprised to read that you experienced "VW bug life" in your youth - I knew you got all the good things! I had a convertible experience also - one Sunday afternoon of driving a pink Pontiac that Dad had "borrowed from somewhere". It sort of cured me of convertibles though as I felt too exposed to the public, too vulnerable to what others might think or imagine of me. Oh, teens - so bold, so afraid - all at the same time:)


Anonymous said...

Today was a fantastic day!!!! And on the bus ride back home in the most spectacular place in the world (the Isle of Mull) I was listening to my "Morning Music" playlist on my ipod, that music that gets me alive, singing and dancing in the morning (usually have the volume as high as possible as I sing in the shower!).....well I was so into the music and just loving every moment and I almost belted out along with one song!!! I totally forgot I was on a bus!!!! It would have been hilarious if I actually belted out the lyrics, but I was singing at the top of my lungs, at least in my mind!!! Now I need to go for a hike and take my ipod along.....hopefully I won't scare and sheep!!!!

Kayce aka lucy said...

CCR--i absolutely agree. the ARE the point!!

CP--lest i appear one-dimensional please know, i love my chanting monks that transport me right back to the cathedrals in paris - notre dame & st. severin.

SS--chant is a good one for me, too. (see comment to CP)...and studio 54, oh my, i had no idea! you'll have to ask bill what donna summer conjures up for him.

and yes, i have been told by my siblings that i did indeed get all of the good stuff. there are advantages to being the baby :-)

and i think my own daughter is channeling your youth's convertible experience. she, too, speaks of feeling exposed when riding in my car. although she doesn't seem to mind the open air jeep of her male friend. hmmmm.

anonymous---is that you, miss scotland? what a fantastic day!!! sing it, baby, sing it loud!!!!

Kel said...

my first car was a bright blue mini minor, a manual, which was interesting!?!

songs from the eighties help me feel like a spring chicken again :)

kigen said...

"If you wanted to pop into another place or mood, what song would hit the top of your playlist?"

Chiyo-ni (Buddhist nun, 18th c) says:

first winter rain —
the bamboo somewhere
in the dawn

Dianna Woolley said...

The convertible experience re MJ - well, it's one thing to be seen with your boyfriend in an open car - somehow not translating as well when being seen with one's - heaven forbid - Mother!

You touched a sweet spot with a lot of us in this post:)


Kayce aka lucy said...

kel--oh yea, my first VW was a manual too. that would have made it much harder to photograph myself while driving :-)

nice, kigen. thanks for stopping by!!

SS--yea yea, but can't she see how cool her mother is? jeez louise! i always offer her the darkest sun glasses :-)

Barbara said...

The music of the 70's takes me back to my days in grad school, my first taste of freedom! Delicious! But perhaps the Missa Luba's Kyrie is most dance-inducing of all. Alas, the version I loved best is no longer available.