Sunday, June 28, 2009


Process versus product. Do those words resonate with you? How about journey versus destination?

It is a beautiful gray morning in Seattle. Now mind you I am not a huge fan of gray but it does allow me to light my morning candles and come to a place of contemplation that the brilliant sun makes a bit more difficult. I am pondering a recent conversation with a friend who seems to viciously struggle with not having “it” (life, faith, herself) all figured out. As I listened to her I wondered if she realized that no one has it all figured out. No One…and if they try to tell you they do, guess what, they’re full of IT!

When I consider my own role in similar struggles, I often return to the idea of being “unfinished”. There may be a final product for which I strive, but it is in the process that all of the meaty stuff really happens. If I am “finished,” then what? This is a concept that has helped me throughout my journey, especially when I find myself in places where I feel like the process may never stop. At least I am present enough to feel my emotions – to wrestle with the issues – to enjoy the value of a gray day. The alternative is a pretty numb and lifeless existence.

Today I invite you to consider how you spend your days. Do you strive for product or are you awake to the beauty of process? Are you so focused on the destination that you miss the intricacies of the journey? Does it have to be one or the other? Could it be both? How about keeping an eye on the destination while enjoying the music of the ride? How about remembering the sun still shines even though the clouds cover it for now?

Wishing you a Sacred Sunday and days that follow!

'heart of daisies' lakebay 6.09


Tess said...

I just published a post at Pilgrim's Moon about an exhibition of Indian art at the British Museum.

I didn't think to mention it there, but the painting that probably appealed to me most on every level was the only one that was unfinished (the maharajah it was in honour of had been assassinated before it was finished or something - there was a lot of that going around!).

All the other paintings were resplendent with gold and silver leaf, pink flowers, glorious blue sea etc., but here was this painting, a whole large corner unfinished, with just the outline of some people filled in, and water-damaged as well. It had a humanity the others lacked.

(Damn, maybe I should go back and add that to my post!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful post to your blog on a Sunday morning. The beauty of the blog is you express yourself and you never know who may read your words and how it will effect them, so I thank you.
One wonders where one may end up, where the destination may be. I used to focus on that quite a bit, but I have began to truely savor the journey and being unfinished. Everyday is a surprising gift and every moment I am blessed beyond words. I never want this journey to end, but that reminds me just to appreicate every precious moment more. Thank you for sharing, thank you Soltura sister. I honor you!

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess--those are awesome words. your process reminds me of one of my favorite quotes "i write to discover what i know." sounds like you learned a little more about the art exhibit as you continued to write! i love this stuff!! can't wait to pop over and read about the exhibit (and see if you modified your post :-)

danielle--my other favorite "anonymous" person happens to be someone you know quite well (and share a last name with)...i love that you stopped by and read AND took the time to let me know. it really means a lot!!!

you're right, i never know who may read or how it will affect them so i am honored when people let me know. i heard from a facebook friend who recently found me. we were in highschool together (a long time ago). i made much the same comment you never know who or how something may touch.

wishing you peace and abundant joy, sister. xoxooxx

Dianna Woolley said...

I strive to note the intricacies of the journey and to bless them when I the garden this afternoon, I heard a sound that I'm quite certain was a small frog sound - maybe you remember the frog I posted about a few weeks ago. It may NOT have been my little friend but the sound made me stop and think about that little creature, hoping that he'd been able to escape all of the dangers that lay in his path as I released him from his captive jar. I felt a silliness and a joy to think that possibly he had survived and that he was chirping me a note of thanks? Or maybe, o.k. I've made it, wait til you see the racket me and my buddies can stir up over you bringing us into your neighborhood:) The destination and the music - both and and - thanks for the post.


kigen said...

Lucy, we don't even know what question to ask, never mind having an answer. But we can observe things, and surmise, and wonder!

Kel said...

hmm yes
remembering the sun is shining somewhere, just not on me at the moment, gives me hope

another day it will be someone else's turn to have clouds, and mine to have sun