Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celtic High Crosses and Orientation

Back in Dublin - Tess leaves for England and Christine and I journey onward.

14:30 Depart from Spiritual Directors International in Europe Conference (btw--I was zipping around Ireland instead of sitting in a conference - which I am certain was wonderful. Nonetheless, with limited time and resources, my wild woman spirit called for the open road this time.)

Monasterboice High Cross and Hill of Slane

18:00 Welcome, Orientation, Introduction to Pilgrimage and Noble Silence ***
Evening Meal and Evening Prayer

Overnight: Glendalough Hotel, County Wicklow

***Craving space and silence, I must admit the thought of Noble Silence (i.e. no communication throughout the evening and dinner makes me a little nervous.)

"If we truly want to know the secret of soulful travel, we need to believe that there is something sacred waiting to be discovered in virtually every journey." - Phil Cousineau


Barbara said...

My experience with the Grand Silence observed in monasteries from Compline until after Lauds (it may differ in specific cases) is that it is wonderful. The silence envelopes you and allows you a good rest and a peaceful rising. I hope this Noble Silence works similarly, although I find the timing of it in one's schedule not to my liking. I enjoy talking during meals.

Barbara Anne said...

Grace and peace -

Anonymous said...

At Kripalu Yoga Center, breakfasts are in Silence. I thought, OH GOD...

Then...unexpectedly...I ADORED it. So much.

Dianna Woolley said...

I LOVE the Cousineau quote and am truly confident in the merit of believing it to be true!