Saturday, June 30, 2007


Keeping our eyes open to the miracles of the world. Somewhere in my history the message was instilled that it was “playing with fire” to consider any interpretation of life outside of the Bible. If this is true, I have to wonder why all these other people, places and things were put on earth (i.e. created) if we aren’t supposed to pay attention to them.

That’s a long intro to say that hummingbirds have been showing up on my path and I think they are trying to tell me something. Some of you may recall that in the winter, dolphins became a symbol for me and reminded me to focus more on breath and movement.

Lately, I have been wrestling a bit with other topics. While I am a full believer that life is a journey to be lived rather than endured, some days the realities of life (pain, teenagers, people with all the answers) send me running for the covers. I am also a proponent of taking the time to rest, quit processing and let things just be for awhile, but realize that sometimes it can get a little too comfy down there under the “woes me” blanket and I need a reminder to ease off the covers.

Enter the hummingbird ☺. I have always been fascinated by these lovely creatures and recently they have been popping up everywhere—always at someone else’s home. Yesterday, however, I stood at my kitchen window and watched a hummingbird enjoying my garden. It was the first time I ever saw one in my own yard. I was spellbound.

This morning when I awoke, I thought “wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on the hummingbird today instead of all the other things?” And so after journaling I decided to look up the hummingbird in “Animal Speak.”

Did you know? (The following are quotes.)

• The hummingbird reminds us to find joy in what we do and to sing it out.
• It reminds us that if we truly enjoy what we are doing, we become light as a feather, and life is rich with nectar.
• The hummingbird can help you to find joy and sweetness in any situation. Its swiftness is always a reminder to grab joy while you can—as quickly as you can.
• The hummingbird is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.

Wonderful and rich reminders from such a little creature. And, so I start this day with the blessing of the hummingbird--in my humble opinion, one of God’s great creatures in a teeny tiny package.

Playing with fire? Hmmm. Maybe, but it feels like a risk worth taking!

photo from google images


Dianna Woolley said...

We had a hummingbird "contact" while visiting the Betty Ford Botanical Gardens in Vail, CO, this week....the three of us all "sucked air" simultaneously!

God outdid himself with these precious little creatures - thanks for reminding us all!

Anonymous said...

We don't have hummingbirds in the cold wet UK, but I feel the same about dragonflies. And thanks for the book link, another one for my wish list!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, ss.

tess--funny you should mention the dragonfly. they have many similarities and i would have included them in my post given more space and time :-) maybe next time.

hmmbrd said...

The Native Americans believe that that Hummingbird brings healing and joy in the midst of sorrow.

I love that you have found delight and refocus via God via the hummingbird. I can relate!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thought you might relate to this post :-)

azure said...

In my history, biblical interpretation usually signaled something that would be hostile and self-serving. So many interpretations....

Kayce aka lucy said...

yes, lots, Azure!

Dianna Woolley said...

I agree that biblical interpretation may often be hostile and self-serving.

My optimistic, spiritually-driven, seeking-for God side says that when I read a familiar passage in the Holy Bible and find a totally new revelation spread before me about God's love and God's direction, I can't consider that anything other than the bible being God's inspired truth to be interpreted by followers in their/our own context - that context perhaps having been at the beginning of Abraham's journey,or through Mary's "yes",or through Joseph's acceptance of an unusual task, through Saul's change of interpetation when he hit the Damascus dust, through the way we treat every neighbor or stranger we meet today - biblical interpretation is sometimes not always a signal toward selfishness - at least not for me.

Kayce aka lucy said...

ss--i love this response! optimism, attitude, agenda, history...all add so much to interpreting ANY text.