Monday, June 11, 2007

Healing? Kneeling? Reeling?

Step right on up, folks. No need to think for yourself. We’ve got it all figured out. Don’t worry about the questions. We’ll just let you know what the answers are. Here’s the cup. Here’s the bread. Don’t think. Don’t chew. Just swallow. Don’t be too scared, but make sure there’s enough healthy fear in there to keep you on the right path. (It's the narrow one, by the way.) Make sure enough doubt hangs in your mind that our sure-fire assurance takes hold of you. Don’t walk away from the truth. What is the truth, you ask? Don’t worry about figuring that out for yourself, because we already have all the answers and will be happy to give them to you. No need to think. Thinking just confuses things. It’s Satan’s way of getting into your mind. Poisoning your thoughts. Just step right on up and pray to Jesus, because this is the truth: He is the ONLY way. Sorry about all those poor folks who can’t get that figured out. Sure glad we’re the chosen ones. That’s what scripture says and I can’t change that. Too bad, so sad. Amen and have a nice day ☺!

Truth or fiction? Imagination or reality? Past or present?


Rich Sclafani said...

praying for you

Anonymous said...

The opposite of faith is not doubt, and Healthy faith has doubts, the waxing and waning, the ebb and flow, questioning, reaching, searching, questioning, hopefully glimsing, hopefully finding and finally conviction. All other is just dogma, rote, unquestioned. I admire your search. Love, Tinman #1

Kayce aka lucy said...

tinman--thank you for your beautiful words. glad to know you're here with me.

Anonymous said...

Feeling a dad cynical today, are we?


Kayce aka lucy said...

not sure "cynical" is exactly the word. disheartened may be more like it.

azure said...

This is the way I've always perceived doctrinaire Christianity. In fact, it's hard for me to look beyond this to see the mystery and beauty. Maybe, because I've always been exluded and condescended to?

Geezer Dude said...

This is my second start at a comment. I want to reply, but what can I write?

Someone very dear to me has had life all figured out two or three times in her life. Those periods preceded nasty heartbreaks. The heartbreaks were shared among many of us. She may still have it figured out, or expect to do so. You and I feel less sure about "figuring it out."

I don't expect to ever have it all figured out, but I still try to expand my heart, my mind, my soul, and my understanding.

I plod through my fairly mundane life and ponder the ebb and flow of my faith. Oh! for the faith I had at age 17! I trust that God's grace will carry me to the right places and spaces. I also trust that God's plan includes good for ALL people whose hearts yearn to honor Him and seek Him with their hearts, thoughts, and deeds.

I share your disappointment, fear, hope, and joy. I share your cynicism and your faith. Your tapestry is rich. Mine is not quite so vivid, but woven with many common threads. God's love is woven in as well.

With my frail and fragmented words, but with a sincere heart, I wish that peace and love may abide with you,


Kayce aka lucy said...

azure--it is a pretty disappointing and exclusionary view. a little food for thought, however...i have found words like "always or never" to seriously limit my ability to see or experience mystery. hmmmm.

the challenge for me is to remember to see with my heart because when i do that i can always find something of beauty.

Kayce aka lucy said...

geezer dude--i imagine when we get it all figured out, there's not much left to do. so, to use the words of one of my favorite authors (joan anderson) i am happy to be an "unfinished woman" because if i am finished...yikes. i think i'd like to hang around here awhile longer even in the midst of questions. the older i get, the less i know i know and that's o.k. with me.

i love your sincere heart.

Dianna Woolley said...

Catching up on my missed days with Lucy I find much fodder for me to 'figger....

I'm there with Tinman on faith, doubt, and the beautiful, reassuring words.

Geezer dude swings in there with some great food for thought as well. I am surprised at what writings come out of such an obviously old, self-proclaimed boring geezer dude leading such a mundane life - are you really, geezer - or do you stand behind that image so we won't all know "who you really are?" I don't know, only speculation. But again the writings are thoughtful and moving. I am confused at times about whom you reflect as knowing from your past, but I don't think we're meant to know all that lies behind curtain #2.

And the comments about which they, it did feel a bit cynical to me. If a person just doesn't like the audience in which they are sitting, maybe it's time to go to another show - many an Episcopalian has been "reborn" in that way - and isn't that what we're all supposed to be seeking - "new birth?" Oh, my, I am prophetic today - jet lag:)

Much love, Sunrise Sis