Monday, June 25, 2007

the words will not come

the words will not come.
they do not flow like water.
they drip in my mind interrupting solace like a leaky faucet.
they come in ragged, jagged fits and bursts and then
they resist—stop—refuse to congeal and thus
leave me wanting—yearning—aching and unsure of what needs
or wants to be said or heard or read.

my words are insufficient.
cards held close to my vest.
“Thank you but your words are not right for us.”
“Have you tried this or that?”
words of advice slip through the air
and hang like graffiti on a wall.

needing words to communicate—to feel complete.
finding words get in the way.
mood and mystery.
is there meaning in this text?
mine or yours?

the inner (& sometimes outer) critic speaks.
in fits and spurts.
in screams and sighs.
the words will not come.
And they will not stop.

photo by bill h


Dispatches from East Africa said...

there IS meaning in this text . . .
so much--


thank you for being so honest, so vulnerable. Your words(here, and elsewhere)are so true--and they leave us all so revealed . . .
so vulnerable . . .

It's a scary state, yet a state I so admire.
And one I'm only just now becoming familiar with.

--wish you could join me for morels!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you's amazing how when you think you aren't able to write you are writing! And beautifully! Good stuff. Tinman

Anonymous said...

Also, it reminds me about living our experiences on this journey called life, saying I can't do this and all the while amazingly we are doing it, learning it, bearing it, experiencing, living it!! Shows us who is Really in control.....! Tinman

why? said...

This is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

This feels almost physical. "...ragged, jagged fits and bursts". Extraordinarily good.

hmmbrd said...

I am without words. This poetry soaks right into my body and then soul. Really beautiful and powerful! You bless me.

Dianna Woolley said...


redbarn said...

amazing, a gift,
words that wouldn't
come, came in fits and
bursts, and gave
voice to the experience
of many others

blessed be your search
for words
and your gift of words

Kayce aka lucy said...

dear friends--

i am truly blessed by your kind and overwhelming response to this piece. thank you for letting your words come to me!