Thursday, June 07, 2007

One of those Days

Do you every have those days where you are out of sorts for no good reason? Today appears to be one of those days for me. I have felt a little sluggish all week and the Seattle weather has been true to its advertised nature—rainy, gray and too cold for June. I pondered as to whether or not I might have seasonal affective disorder or maybe I am hitting a middle-aged something. I completed my morning pages thinking an answer might pop out in the writing. I considered listening to favorite music, going back to sleep, meditating more with God, but you know what? Today just feels like one of those days that Lucy would pull the football out from underneath Charlie Brown and smile when he falls. It’s certainly not a favorite side of my disposition and in reality I think I would have more restraint than to deliberately cause another harm. My psychoanalytical brain really wants to get to the root of what may be going on, however, Lucy kind of wants to grovel in her grumpiness for awhile and let the gray clouds do their thing.

How about you? Ever have one of those days?


Anonymous said...

Do I ever have one of those days? Oh yes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Out-of-Sorts Lucy: Yes, I have those days!!! Things that help......chomping on celery...the chewing action of the jaw keeps me from chewing on someone's butt and is harmless...really!!!...going to piano lessons and pounding away on the piano, especially if the song is appropriate....piano teacher doesn't know what's up and just thinks I enthusiastic!!!, wandering the halls of the hospital and fanticizing about who REALLY needs a 5H Enema (high, hot and a heck of alot!) (staff members not spared!) don't follow through but the fantacy is therapeutic!!!, going to the sample cupboard at work, seizing some Lexapro or other available meds and mixing a little into the am cup of coffee (I've been told Bailey's Irish Cream works too!).... and reading your blog!!!! Hope your day improves!! Love, Tin-Man #uno!

Kayce aka lucy said...

misery does love company. thanks, tess, i feel better already :-)

tinman--you have a little wicked side there. think i'll at least steer clear of the hospital when you hit a mood. you've made my day! thanks!