Monday, August 06, 2007

Grand Theft Auto

Who loves to wake up to the words, "I have some really bad news"? Well, certainly not me, but that is just what happened yesterday in my house. The words came from my husband and while he did not have that someone-died-tone in his voice, I was braced for the worst. In this case, the "really bad news" is that his new car had been vandalized and broken into (bad news) AND my car (a little 2004 Honda Element that I love) had been stolen (really bad news). Yes, stolen. Gone. Zip. Disappeared. "Oh" was about all I could say and "I'm sorry about your new car." I was stunned.

So, we spent the day filling out insurance and police reports and taking his car across town to be fixed. So what now? Fortunately, we hadn't quite sold our 14 year old mini-van and I have a new scooter (which is much more entertaining than a car at the moment) plus I do have my trusty bus pass so transportation is not a huge issue. I do, however, find myself a little numb over the fact that some person actually stole my car out of my driveway. Hmm. I am still pondering how I feel about that. Numb seems more appropriate than angry or sad. It just really feels kind of weird. And, I wonder where we will go from here. How long will they leave a report open before the insurance settles? Is my car crashed by the side of the road? Was it a just a joy ride? (I can't imagine a chop shop would have any interest in my little blue Honda.) Will we replace it if it never is found?

Interestingly enough most of the time I forget that this has happened, but every now and then the thoughts pop into my head. Grand theft auto. Someone committed a crime. Will they be caught? Will they be punished? Do I even care? It's weird and a little annoying for now. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Horrible to think someone actually went into your driveway to steal your property. And your husband's car! I'm not surprised you're numb and stunned.

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks, tess!

A said...
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why? said...

Wow, this really sucks. I too am so sorry to hear this news.

Dianna Woolley said...

Number one - my curiosity is overwhelmed by a "removed comment"?? But aside from that-

I think it's ironic that when those of us, who could be characterized as in a somewhat dependable category, who have stuff are stolen from us, find it doesn't really matter in the way it would were we dependent on our car because we couldn't afford to be late again to our low-paying job, because we needed to take a loved one to the hospital, because the food stamp line would close before we got there.... I think it's a good thing that even though we don't like it much, we have the freedom to roll with the punches - the insurance delay, the transportation inconvenience; I hope it's a recognition flash, as you reflect in your "oh."... that even though we LIKE our things, it's not the end of the world for us to lose a material "thing". Things are really unimportant in light of persons, family, friends we love. Those losses? Unbearable, unconsolable, devastating.

So I'm glad to know that your car loss is not a total devastation. I'm not surprised that your thoughts may have flown to the "one" who committed the crime - who, why, what were they thinking? Were they desperate, will this alter their lives beyond their wildest imagination, have they done this before and will they do it again? That's where I might expect your prayers and mine too to go right now.

Who should we hope the thief wasn't? It's
similar to a case of bad news we see on television - we're often saddened by the unfortunate victims but we're so happy it's not our family on the screen! and, what's that all about???

Oh, yeah, I'm ready to ramble on again:)

Dianna Woolley said...

Oh! We had a car taken by "repo man" one night - now that's a story:)

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you all. i, too, am curious about the deleted comment from roadless. perhaps he or she will appear again soon once their shyness has been overcome.

sunrise sister--you have managed to verbalize the many sentiments and thoughts that have already gone through my head. i was so glad that it was just a "thing" and not another leaving breathing being in my life such as a child or my old yellow dog (although i continue to prepare myself...if possible, for curry's departure from this world). i still mourn over the loss of larry the cat. we found his tags while trimming bushes this weekend. sad. (the tags were missing long before the cat, so it was not a clue or hopeful event.)

there i go. me too ready to ramble.

blessings to all!

Geezer Dude said...

Bummer! And again, BUMMER! It is just "stuff," but we work for the stuff, take care of the stuff, and use it for what we consider to be honorable pursuits.

It's annoying and disheartening to see people destroying and taking, rather than creating and giving.

Fortunately we also see, and try to be, the people who create and give.

Geezer D

azure said...

Bet you get your Honda back but who knows in what shape. Pretty nasty to think of somebody stealing the car out of your own driveway.