Wednesday, August 29, 2007

opening the eyes of our soul

words from my morning prayer:

the arms of God wrap around me. enclosing me. enveloping me. telling me i am safe without words. i breathe him in. the scent of his maleness and my beauty combined. sensuous. sensual. becoming one. coming home. just breathe. breathe me in. sense me like a child taking my hand. like a dog who raises his nose to the fresh morning air. breathe me in.

safety. trust. sensual. born to be beautiful. to ache with desire and settle into trust. the pain and the glory. breathe me in. just breathe. so rich, so pure. Yahweh. breath of God. carrying me on the wind. cradled. held. met. no terror. free. free falling. held. lovely. kind. free.

These words from Henri Nouwen followed:

The desert fathers...point us toward a very holistic view of prayer. They pull us away from our intellectualizing practices, in which God becomes one of the many problems we have to address. They show us that real prayer penetrates to the marrow of our soul and leaves nothing untouched. The prayer of the heart is a prayer that does not allow us to limit our relationship with God to interesting words or pious emotions. By its very nature such prayer transforms our whole being into Christ precisely because it opens the eyes of our soul to the truth of ourselves as well as to the truth of God. The prayer of the heart challenges us to hide absolutely nothing from God and to surrender ourselves unconditionally to God's mercy. --The Way of the Heart

Praise be to God. Amen.

photo by bill


Anonymous said...

I was going to respond to your last post to say it is beautiful and I appreciate how you've woven the extract from my post into the notion of a love song.

And then I read this post as well and thought I would combine comments because it seems to me the two posts are very closely connected.

Cradled on the wind. Free falling but held. Lovely indeed. And the Nouwen words are so apt.

Kayce aka lucy said...

the connected posts seem to be part of a theme that has stayed with me for several days in many forms. i was delighted to see the nouwen words as they felt very confirming/affirming.

thanks for allowing me to share your words. they are so lovely and their image is part of what has been with me recently.


The Dream said...

So very beautiful!
I absolutely loved reading your post after a challenging day. Thanks!

Kayce aka lucy said...

dream--so happy to offer a little solace here. welcome!