Friday, August 03, 2007

No Words

reflections from bermuda #7
Pure, perfect, calm. Sometimes there are no words to describe the magnificence of creation. Silent prayer. Words spoken through a breeze. The sound of a gently flowing fountain. Sunbeams and shadows cast across the brilliant green lawn. Flowers bursting with color saying, “Look at me. Dance with me.” Soft white clouds float above a sea of azure blue.

Timeless. Breathless. Wordless. Good morning, God. I see you. Feel you. Know you are here with me. I am grateful. Thankful. In awe of all that surrounds me. Beauty. Still and calm today. Safe and secure. Gentle. Kind. Lovely. Free. They are I. I am they.

Thank you. Stillness and calm. The birds are even quiet today. Giving space for contemplative prayer and worship. Here we go. The new day has come. Pure. Perfect. Calm.


photo by bill

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