Monday, October 29, 2007

Self Portrait

Dreams and collage are filling much space in my sleeping and waking hours. This self-portrait created itself on Saturday. For today I shall just share the image. I'd love to know what it evokes in you. I am discovering it has multiple, ever-changing layers of meaning for me! Kind of like life I guess ☺. Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

For me, and perhaps because I know it is about dreams, at first glance it looks like a rickety tower of beds, all with their own collection of treasures tucked under the pillows. What other treasures will I find if I bend down and look right under the bed.
And then also, being a tower, the eyes at the top are scanning the horizon, searching for something that's coming, but the eyes don't know what, yet.

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess--wow...there's a lot to consider there. i obviously didn't mention in my post that this collage was actually not centered around any dreams (that i am aware of). the two things that stuck out to me in your glance was "a rickety tower" and the "collection of treasures." plus "scanning the horizon."

thanks for your input!!!

The Dream said...

i see a LOT of happiness, lucy.
i totally love how you included some things which could easily be included in an eileen collage - the diamonds, chocolate, butterfly, and flowers.
you're so fun!!!

Kayce aka lucy said...

right back at ya, E!!!