Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Reflection

even in death and darkness, there is the light.
redemption. resurrection.
words of my childhood
words of my faith
words of my hope
the eyes of Jesus
death in the tomb
the light of new day
it is there
always there, heavenly Father
Mother of heaven and earth
light shines upon me and through me
the eyes of Jesus
head bowed
hair flowing
the cross & resurrection
new birth of Easter
peace flows like a river from the light
to death and beyond
peace in the garden
fleeing the tomb
he is risen
she is risen indeed.

photo taken Easter morning 3.23.08 @ crown hill cemetery


Karen said...

You are such a wonderful writer, Lucy. Your posts never fail to inspire me to inner reflection. Thank you.

elaine said...

So lovely, Lucy. Karen is right. You did the same for me this morning. (I'm catching up on Easter greetings because I was without computer yesterday.)

My sister-in-law's father passed away at 2 am Easter Sunday morning. I would like to share this post with her.

Dianna Woolley said...

Beautiful post and photo!


Kayce aka lucy said...

karen-- i am delighted to offer a little inspiration to your day and in turn, your kind words offer me inspiration to continue to share here.

elaine--thank you, too...i hope you do share this with her when and if you feel it appropriate.

ss--thanks. xoxoxo