Thursday, March 06, 2008

where have all the poodles gone? paris #8

Sitting here on my last morning in Paris I find myself wondering...where have all the poodles gone? Paris is full of dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. White dogs. Black dogs...actually mainly white dogs. (Hmmmm...wonder what's up with that?) Les chiens are on the Metro, in the cafes and fine restaurants, strolling through the parks and along the Seine. In all of my wanderings and dog stalking, however, I only came across one poodle!! But oh what a poodle he is!!!

I would like for you to meet Ginger. Ginger belongs to Martine who in return speaks lovingly of her very own Mr. Darcy. Tess and I met Martine & Ginger at my favorite little neighborhood patisserie, Jean Millet. They occupy the far corner table and have done so for 15 1/2 years (which happens to correspond with Ginger's age.) Martine described Ginger as a "confused male poodle" since he has lived with a female name for his long life. He was thus named because of his beautiful color. Currently Ginger is deaf and basically blind, but continues to enjoy his morning stroll and cafe sitting with Madame Martine who is a definite treasure herself. Oh, have to love it!!!

See more chiens (pups) at lucy creates!!!


Sue said...

They know the rightful place of dogs in the hierarchy, they are doing something right :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your Parisian dalliances and musings. It was fun to visit thru you vicariously. Some day i will get there myself. Is Europe as Godless as they say it is these days?

And btw, welcome back into the arms of America.


Dianna Woolley said...

Dearest Lucy,

What a precious little poodle with such a wonderful story. I will have to refer my friend, Susan, here as she has a very near look-alike to your guy - named Ginger, but she's a girl.

At any rate. The stories and photos have been tremendous. Your delight in traveling has been a gift!

Welcome home!


Anonymous said...

Lucy!! It was great to travel along on your journey. The pictures and musing revealed how in the 'now' you were during your trip.....what great things you were present to. How amazing. Welcome Home. Love, Pamela

Karen said...

Oh how adorable!