Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not one. But not two.

"Just like the sun and its light, the ocean and the wave, the singer and the song. Not one. But not two." -- Joan Chittister quoting an ancient

Earlier this week Sunrise Sister wrote a lovely post reflecting on traveling and whether or not we have companions alongside us. One of the main questions people asked as I prepared for my trip is "who are you going with?" or "are you traveling alone?" I have had a hard time responding. I mean - do we ever really travel alone? On the flipside, can anyone else truly know where we've been or where we are going? "Not one. But not two." Profound, huh?

Today, I am reunited with one of my favorite blogging sisters, Tess of Anchors & Masts. We met online several years ago and had the delight of meeting in person almost two years ago in Paris. She is taking on the daunting task of keeping me awake throughout the day so I can get myself acclimated to UK time. Additionally, she has offered to meet me at the airport, steer me toward our lodging and carry my bags. Now that's a great traveling companion!

photo from Paris 2008


Dianna Woolley said...

"Not one. But not two." It is profound isn't it? So many twos that this can match up with!

Happy day with Tess:)

Barbara said...

Hope you have a pair-odoxicasl day! ;) (Sorry)

Anonymous said...

A fabulous day. Tess and I forgot we weren't old friends who have an ongoing discussion. Because we are friends who know so much more about each other than many I see on a regular basis! Blogging community, heck COMMUNITY, at its best!!!!

I'm off to breakfast and then to get Christine. Woohoo! K