Friday, October 16, 2009

Kindred Spirits Hit the Road

Kindred spirits come to me/us in a variety of shapes and forms. Today, Tess and I go to the airport and meet another of my most kindred, Christine. This is the part of the journey which is the least planned. How cool is that?

I have never been a tour-group-kind-of-girl and signing up for the pilgrimage with a group of 35 was a bit of a stretch for me. Friends and family (and I) still marvel at the fact that I took off for Paris - solo and had the time of my life. Anyone who reads here knows that I love to listen to the little niggles in life and follow where the wind might blow. When I decided to come to Ireland, the one thing I knew for certain was that I needed to head out into the countryside - away from the city, the tour buses and the usual guideb00k route. Perhaps being the daughter of a long-distance truck driver taught me the appreciation of the open road.

So...back to kindred spirits... Christine and Tess have volunteered to go with me wherever the trail may lead us AND they are going to let me drive. We have a car reserved, an atlas in hand and miles to go before we sleep. You'll have to wait until I return stateside to see where we land.

Today, Tess and I pick up Christine at the airport and hit the Irish road. As the plan goes, we should be back in Dublin by Sunday afternoon in time to start the "real" pilgrimage. I hope you will tune in tomorrow and enjoy the driving instructions I received from C's beloved (another kindred spirit) who has entrusted her to me for a few days.

Woohoo!! We're off on the winding Irish road. May traveling mercies abound!!

photo © taken in eastern washington


Anonymous said...

may god hold you all in the palm of her hand....what treasures you will find at the end of all those rainbows!
Aloha, Laura

Barbara Anne said...

Oh, Have a wonderful time and please give Tess a hug for me! I found you by way of Anchors and Masts.

I'll share a quote from Laura Inscoe:
"Althought I do not worship places, i do feel a certain sense of holiness in some places, where thousands have journeyed to apprehend the Spirit of God. In these holy places, the barrier between the physical and the spiritual become thin, making it easier to enter into a prayerful state. in this state, I am joined with the whole communion of saints, those who came before me, those who pray with me, and those who will follow me. Such a place takes on a spiritual character, because of the love spilled there. I do not believe that the rocks, dirt, trees, and grass and holy ... Nonetheless, I think a place can be changed, I suppose consecrated, by the devotion and love of God experienced by people there."

Godspeed, travel mercies, and blessings!

Dianna Woolley said...

I hope you don't get stopped for hysterical laughing while driving!!!:)

kate i said...

Three kindred spirits...anam cara's...what a gift you've all given yourselves.

"When one or more are gathered..." the exponential power of your combined energies will create rich and and beautiful blessings.