Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glendalough - St. Kevin’s Desert

"...the prayers in the old Celtic tradition could aid our search for a spirituality that seeks God by looking towards the heart of life, not away from life." J. Philip Newell

7:30 Morning Prayer and Breakfast

9:00 Presentation on Desert Spirituality and the Celtic Tradition

Guided and reflective pilgrimage walk to Diseart Chaoimhin (St. Kevin’s Desert), St. Kevin’s Cell, Reefert Church and overview of St. Kevin’s Bed (a sacred cave where St. Kevin fasted for Lent)

Midday Meal and Afternoon free to rest, contemplate, and explore

17:30 Oral Tradition as a narrative method for Spiritual Listening

19:00 Evening Meal, Noble Silence and Evening Prayer

Overnight: Glendalough Hotel, County Wicklow

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Dianna Woolley said...

I'm loving the itinerary! xoxo