Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ireland Bound

"In Ireland it is considered a 'soft day' when the drizzle and mist caress the earth. This softness often seeps into the soul, opening and inviting the heart to be present."

Six months ago I read those words in an invitation to pilgrimage from Spiritual Directors International. As I looked out my Seattle window onto a Northwest 'soft day', my heart responded with a resounding "yes." At the time, I had little knowledge of what any pilgrimage entailed. I just knew I had to go.

Details like time and money helped the naysayers try to convince me maybe the trip wasn't such a great idea. Then I sojourned to Houston for the SDI conference where I was helping my friend, Christine, man her booth for Abbey of the Arts. Angels had been busy at work before our arrival and the pilgrimage call spoke loud and clear as I realized our table sat less than two feet from the guides for the Celtic journey. By the end of the conference, we felt like old friends and, needless to say, I had paid my deposit and was setting a path for Ireland.

Tomorrow, I board a noon flight to Chicago and from there to Dublin - arriving at 8:30 a.m. (12:30 a.m. pst). My journey started long ago, but I (hopefully) depart with bags packed, passport in hand and a heart open for surprise.

My computer will not be traveling with me. I am taking only the essentials, however, in preparation for my trip I have created a series of posts to appear over the next several days outlining my itinerary. I started to say "where I am going," but that question remains to be answered. Please join me for the adventure and feel free to leave a comment or two in case my wireless service works and I take a peak. It would be wonderful to know you're along for the ride.


Brett said...

Blessings on your journey, dear Lucy. As if anything else could ever be possible.


Barbara said...

May the roads rise to meet you and the wind be at your back. Godspeed, pilgrim!

Maureen said...

Wishing you blessings in the land of John O'Donohue.

kigen said...

Lucy, prayers for safe travel, and a fullness of pilgrimage and creativity! Erin Go Bragh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lucy, have a most marvelous, mystical, miraculous time. :) I look forward to hearing of the fruits of your travel.

Tess said...

I certainly will be along for at least part of the ride!

Dianna Woolley said...

My goosebumps dance in reading this post. I am happy that the computer is staying at home, although selfishly I would have yearned to hear the day-by-day commentary - but a good decision to soak it all up and not worry with connections!

I envy Tess getting to touch base with you and to catch up face to face. I will be eagerly awaiting all the extraordinary insights you will have gained by the time you return and to hear of the surprise elements that are still unborn at this moment, just awaiting your arrival!


Anonymous said...

Lucy, you are inspiring me to make of my upcoming Hawaii trip, a pilgrimage. I have my own copy of "The Art of Pilgrimage." I will be sending fond Alohas to you as you wander through the mists. "All who wander are..." TRULY BLESSED "...not lost."
Shalom, Laura

Rebecca Johnson said...

Traveling mercies.

May you travel safely, arrive refreshed,
And live your time away to its fullest,
Return home more enriched, and free
To balance the gift of days which call you.
John O'Donohue

Kayce aka lucy said...

i was going to post this tomorrow morning and am so glad i did it today. each of your blessings has already enriched my journey.

thank you, brett.

barbara - those words have been bubbling around in my brain and i hadn't quite managed to articulate them. thank you.

maureen - i was introduced to o'donohue (not literally) a few years ago. it is so sad to think he is no longer among the breathing. however, i am stirred by the possibility of his presence in the "thin places" of ireland.

kigen - i had to look up "erin go braugh" although i have heard it many times before. you probably no that braugh translates as eternity. thank you for the blessing!

ccr - i'm a bit more of a willing traveler than you, however, i still hold little moments of anxiety as i wonder what the coming days will hold. thanks for the well wishes! i, too, look forward to witnessing the fruits of this sacred trip.

tess - yippeee!! is all i have to say to you... oh and see you soon. another yipppppeeeee!!!

ss - "dancing goosebumps" here for sure!! thank you for being such a heartfelt supporter of my some-would-say "wild" experiences!! xoxoxo

laura - i hope you love that book as much as i have. it is marvelous for today's journey - whatever today may hold. wiggle your toes in that warm hawaiian sand and i'll do a little happy dance for you in the green grass of ireland - how's that for a fair trade?

rebecca - i cannot think of a more appropriate blessing than this of mr. o'donohue. thank you.

hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing journey on the emerald island. Thank you for reminding me to be open to surprises, especailly on days when the drizzle and mist caress the earth, which they do frequent here in Scotland. I want my heart to be open and inviting.
Cheers and safe journey.

Kayce aka lucy said...

danielle - so good to hear from you and to know you will be just across the water and at least we'll be sharing a time zone for awhile :-) xoxo

kate i said...

Blessings to you on your sacred journey Kayce...I'm sure it will be magical!

kigen said...

Erin go bragh means "Ireland Forever" which means Ireland, I will love you forever!