Monday, October 19, 2009

Glendalough - The Monastic City

"Pilgrimage, a transformative journey to a sacred center... Always, it is a journey of risk and renewal. For a journey without challenge has no meaning; one without purpose has no soul." - Phil Cousineau

7:30 Morning Prayer and Breakfast

9:00 Glendalough Visitor’s Center, Guided Pilgrimage Walk through the
ancient and famous Monastic City of Glendalough, St. Kevin’s Well, Kevin’s Church, St. Kieran’s Church, Cathedral, Round Tower and St. Mary’s Church.

Midday Meal and Afternoon free to rest, contemplate, and explore

17:30 Presentation on Wisdom of the Ancestors

19:00 Evening Meal followed by Noble Silence and Evening Prayer

Overnight: Glendalough Hotel, County Wicklow


Tess said...

I was thinking of your first Glendalough day with not a little envy as I made my way home yesterday.

What a wonderful few days we had together. An adventure for sure!! I was reading in my book "Red Haired Girl from the Bog" that we should never tell another's story, so I'll say no more about the more, er, interesting parts of our adventure.

Thank you for being such a wonderful travelling companion, and my love to Christine.

Enjoy the noble silence...

Dianna Woolley said...

The noble silence sounds wonderful to me. I've found those times, only a few that I've experienced on silent retreats, to be extraordinarily peaceful and mind expanding. Hope you are enjoying them. Your Phil Coussineau quotes are wonderful!