Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where Creativity & Spirituality Meet

prompted by a lovely post @ abbey of the arts

My art is where the world slips away and comes more fully into focus. It is where I get out of my own way. To disappear in one sense, but in another to become more fully visible and alive than in any other area of my life.

The wind and I become one. The flame burns within my heart and I am consumed yet not consumed at all. The words flow freely like water down a babbling spring or rushing like a powerful torrent over the edge of a mighty waterfall.

I am firmly rooted in the ground. My feet blending into the earth as I spring forth tall and majestic like the mighty oak reaching toward the heavens. I am the gentle breeze softly whispering words of love and care. My power is building, twisting, twirling.

The wind and I become one. And so the circle continues. I am timeless, beautiful, power-filled and unique. True to my core and essence of who I am created to be. I am the earth. The Mother. Matter. Earth. Wind. Fire. Water.

I am whole. Complete. Perfect. Me.

photo by h3images--who says in photographs what i cannot say in words.


Anonymous said...

lucy, I responded to your post at my blog, but what I said was: ":I love the tension between getting out of your own way and becoming more visible at the same time — I think the creative journey is all about paradox. And of course I love your reference to being grounded in the elements." Thanks for your beautiful words!

Anonymous said...

Images and words - together they give us the whole. Beautiful.

Sue said...

Ahhhh, yes :) Lovely. More visible and less at the same time.

Awww, now I wanna write instead of go to work :(

Shelby said...

always a pleasure to read your words..

storyteller said...

Your light shines so brilliantly in your poetry ... and once again you have captured the long-standing dilemma I've struggled with ... being a "closeted" writer ... afraid of letting myself be known. Even now I'm "storyteller" ... "A Nonny Mouse ... venturing cautiously out into cyberspace ... tentatively to see what happens ... emboldened bit by bit each day. Thank you Lucy.
Hugs and blessings,