Monday, November 12, 2007

The Cry of the Heart

the cry of the heart. anguish and joy. yin and yang. contrast. paradox.

recent strangers shed tears to say good-bye while nuclear families barely say hello. eagles—soaring, chasing, playing. their majesty & beauty both horrible and incredible all at the same time. paradox.

coming home while leaving home. it sounds cliché, but home is where the heart is. home is with me. how can I be true to myself no matter where I am? in a room full of strangers, students, friends, colleagues, family or alone. how can I be me? the heart of me?

the cry of my heart is to see and be seen. to be me. my beautiful heart. lovely, kind, free. full of joy while always threatened on the edges by my hatred and humanity.

I need both—anguish and joy. for one would not be the same without the other. the swing of the pendulum. feeling sorrow. despair. weakness and pain. letting go. returning home. listening to the cry of the heart.


storyteller said...

Welcome back Lucy! I'm delighted to find a new post here this morning signaling your return, but you might notice I've been reading & responding to some I'd missed (thanks to Google Reader).

Lovely illustration conveying such warmth. Seems like you've had some rich experiences since you last posted. Paradox ... yes ... both/and ... not either/or.
Hugs and blessings,

The Dream said...

Ah yes, the power of Paradox ... letting us know, loudly and clearly, that we are alive!
Glad you are back ... was it is as enjoyable as your other times there?

Dianna Woolley said...

WOW - great must have been a good and challenging week.
Glad you're back to diamonds....

Kayce aka lucy said...

it is wonderful to be back. i smile as i read the responses from storyteller, dream and sunrise sister, because i feel very "seen" by each of you. my words this morning were short about the week, but you have gathered the essence of it well. i hope to write more soon.

so glad to have you here!

Geezer Dude said...

Ah! "Let There Be Light," ( and behold, there was dark text on a LIGHT background!

Some of us read and have trouble grasping the deep concepts, but we can at least comment on the foreground and background. ;-) Sometimes we even understand some of the content, so we keep on reading just in case. I think it can be compared to blind hogs and acorns. (Snort, snort)


K M F said...

Fantastic post

redbarn said...

Beautiful words capturing the spirit of paradox and, as others have said, your time away. We look forward to more. Blessings!

Dianna Woolley said...

Geezer - the black background surprised more of us than just you:)
Live, change, grow - a slogan of a group with whom I've worked for many years.
Live - can't fault that one. Change is always good for a change:) Profound, huh?
Grow - sometimes the old way is the way to growth. I'm glad the white background is back too:))

Kayce aka lucy said...

can anyone say "beating a dead horse?" we're back to white now. o.k.????

Dianna Woolley said...

lucy, lucy, I didn't read the other posts prior to putting my two cents in:))) luv,

Anonymous said...

"Beating a dead horse". I can say it. But it doesn't sound any better than it looks in my head. :)