Monday, November 05, 2007

Worth Pondering...

"It's just a tempest in a teacup," someone says to the Warrior of the Light.

But he never exaggerates his difficulties and always tries to remain calm.

And he never judges someone else's suffering.

A small detail--which does not affect him in the least--could serve to ignite the storm brewing in his brother's soul. The Warrior respects the suffering of others and does not try to compare it with his own.

The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone.

Paulo Coelho - Warrior of the Light


Sue said...

Thanks Lucy. This was timely for me to hear today.

Paulo Coehlo ... every time I hear his name, I walk around swirling it in my head. Paulo Coehlo. In different accents :)

Anonymous said...

These words are very true. Those small details that can ignite a storm in another's soul - I have witnessed that so many times; I fear I have unwittingly even caused some storms to ignite, and it has taught me to tread lightly - to inquire, to listen, and not to assume.

Anonymous said...

OK, well I'm afraid I'm about to bring the discussion down a notch, to ask whether that cup and saucer in the photo are yours? Gorgeous!

And of course the Coelho is magnificent.

Kayce aka lucy said...

gabrielle--"to inquire, to listen and not to assume." these are great words to live by for truly we can never know what is stirring in someone else's cup if we do not inquire AND listen carefully.

Kayce aka lucy said...

hi tess--

this particular cup is not mine. in fact, if you really like it you may still be able to buy it on e-bay :-)

i have one almost exactly like it and tried to take a picture yesterday but my camera battery died and not having the patience to wait for it to charge, i opted to use this one instead.

teacups play quite a fun little part of my story and i hope to post on that one day too.

Kayce aka lucy said...

sue--i can't get "paulo coelho" out of my head now thanks to your comment :-) i keep trying out all of those rhythmic sounds and accents!

Sue said...

Which accent to you like saying Paolo Coelho in the best? Mine seems to be some sort of indefinable weird Italian creole :)

I must read The Alchemist. My friend Jane keeps talking about it. It looks a bit ... magical. And it has a yellow cover. Which is more appealing, somehow