Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poetry Party

Come join Abbey of the Arts poetry party here.

full moon speaks her truth
bold & brilliant
shining for all to see

illuminating darkness

floating in the sky
moving & shifting
glistening & hiding

illuminating darkness

mother moon
shines her iridescent self
for all the world to see

illuminating darkness

children of the womb
stand in awe &
adore full mother moon

illuminating darkness

photo courtesy of abbey of the arts


Anonymous said...

"full moon speaks her truth" and "shines her iridescent self" -- would that we could all follow her example fully, children of the womb indeed give your adoration and praise. Thanks lucy for a wonderful image.

Anonymous said...

Children of the womb. Yes, that's us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Lucy. I love Christine's photo, and went over to read some of the many beautiful entries. I hope the nine-year-old continues to write and share her gift.

The Dream said...

Magnificent poem, Lucy! I'm with Tess - that is a wonderful line.

storyteller said...

Magnificent photo and lovely poem. I'm still mulling over Reihold Niebhur's message in your post of a few days back. I appreciate you including both the visual and auditory links because I'm using them together. I'll eventually leave a response on your previous two posts, but not today :)
Hugs and blessings,

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you all--i love seeing what stands out for each of you!