Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writers' "Affirmation" Block???

What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly. --Shakti Gawain

Hmmmm. Very curious. As I mentioned yesterday, the post entitled, Blurts, received one of the highest number of reader comments ever on this blog. As of this writing, there have only been two responses (wonderful lists, i must add!) to the challenge to turn those negative statements into positive affirmations. Now, I could easily assume that people in the U.S. are too busy to read, because of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, however, my reader log shows that yesterday had the highest number of readers ever!!! So, what's the deal? Is it really true that we are amazingly successful at conveying the negatives and find it impossible to pen anything positive about ourselves?

For a little added inspiration, here is one of my favorite little videos on writing. Enjoy!...and I will patiently await those affirmations ☺.


Anonymous said...

When I teach Enneagram classes, it's very, very easy to get people to recognise their faults. There's a lot of rueful laughter and shifty glances and confessionals.
But when we look at the other side of the coin and try to examine the wonderful gifts that each of us has... It doesn't come as quickly to mind.

Kayce aka lucy said...

sounds like we could all use a little practice!

Geezer Dude said...

I have one of those mighty fine typewriters from about 1950. I guess I keep it just in case I am ever inspired to "be a writer."

However, it doesn't have a cord or any ports. I'm not sure how I could publish anything that was written with that fine machine. How would I upload it? I also expect that I might have trouble finding a fresh ribbon for it. Oh well, those are good excuses why I couldn't be a writer. (Is that a blurt?)

The G Dude

Kayce aka lucy said...

g dude--i think maybe i learned how to type on that "mighty fine typewriter."

and yes, that could be considered a very poor excuse for a blurt. you might want to consider doing blurts around the art of oh, photography, perhaps?!?!? just a thought :-)

His Girl Friday said...

oh, ouch, yes the negative unfortunately is the easier that comes to mind....affirmations, though are what keep me sane, so to speak, or at least still going!!! (took a course with the Pacific Institute, and they're big on affirmations) It also reminds me of something I read on SleepyBearHollow blogspot, where he talks about the Love and Fear Trees, as to which emotion are we reacting from.
I'll be back with my positives!!! :)
here's 3: creative, loyal, stubborn (as don't give up too easily) :)

Dianna Woolley said...

So I see in my blurry state last evening I posted my affirmations to the blurts post...oh well - I meant to say last night that I loved the writers' clip. And thanks for your vote of confidence!

Do people do those films for free on UTube? I am so impressed with the amount of emotion that gets packed into a really good visual.

storyteller said...

I've tried several times to create affirmations without success thus far. That said, I shall get them done and posted when possible. I've got too much vying for my attention to focus currently (and, of course, it IS harder to turn those long-standing negative beliefs around than I'd like). Please bear with me for now.
Hugs and blessings,

storyteller said...

Uh ... I'm sooooo confused! Was this wonderful video clip here all along? Could I possibly have missed it the first time around? (muttering to self about still not creating affirmations for myself yet ... trying not to offer excuses ... wondering if I could find the ones I wrote decades ago and if they'd be appropriate now ... sigh!)

Lucy ... I love this clip and am so glad you shared it for "inspiration" ... and perhaps I'll go look at my BLURTS to make a real effort at turning them around once I publish this comment.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ;)
Hugs and blessings,

Kayce aka lucy said...

oh, storyteller--i love your "confusion". kindred spirits, indeed. (sunrise sister joins us too, because she in fact posted her affirmations at the right post and not the blurts.)

yes, the clip has been here all along. it is definitely one of my favorites that i return to again and again.

His Girl Friday said...

watched the video clip this last time, and really enjoyed it, thanks!
an affirmation....it's good that we're all here sharing a little of our lives that we may inspire and encourage others; and in doing so, inspire and encourage ourselves! :)

Kayce aka lucy said...

friday--reminds me of a quote that goes something like "you don't have to feel inspired to inspire." sometimes when i least expect it, i find that somehow i have inspired another or vice versa. thanks!

His Girl Friday said...