Friday, November 07, 2008

I. I. I.

"You find reasons to procrastinate, since to not work is to not make mistakes."
--from Art & Fear

Yesterday, I sat in my pajamas for several hours. I pondered the lack of response by readers at this space. I listened to the rain. I ate Halloween candy. I tried to nap. I read a little. I decided to give up writing...I. I. I.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." --Pogo

I have met the enemy and she is I! Think I'll get dressed today and go walk in the rain .


hmmbrd said...

I LOVE that you did nothing yesterday and considered giving up writing. NOT that i want you to, but that you are free to consider any kind of change, not grasping too tightly and all that. I know i speak for many when i say PULEEEZE, keep writing. Diamonds in the sky is on my main toolbar for pete's sake. a place of honor! That said, i hope you do what your own soul needs regardless of my wishes. have fun in the rain.

Dianna Woolley said...

Discussing your "dry spell" with a very close relative, we had to laugh because the "dry spell" he's been in suddenly broke yesterday and he wrote 5 different pieces!!!

I know Lucy does NOT like relaxing or waiting - the rain should hang around for a while so you can look forward to those walks, I guess, since you're giving up writing. ARGGGGHHHHH - your readers look forward to your clouds raining down with thoughts faster than you can write them - take a waterproof pen with you!


Kate I said...

Don't give up writing Lucy! (well, unless your really want to!) Even though I may not always comment, I always come here to read and ponder your words. I 've been feeling a little overwhelmed this year and very fatigued, so my brain can't always find the right words to respond.

I've thought about these same issues and decided that the only reason I should be writing and posting on my blog is for myself. I write because it clarifies "me" for me and just because it feels good, but that logic may not work for everyone.

Your words are heard Lucy...never doubt that. Enjoy your walk in the more like a torrential downpour here, but it feels very cleansing.

Barbara said...

I thought I was alone...
We should have a pajama party!
My audience doubled when I went on hiatus -- go figguh!

Unknown said...

no way you can give up writing...we all read you and enjoy this blog greatly!!! I hope you had a great day today!

Anonymous said...

I too, have met the enemy, and it is not U. Tee Hee

Dianna Woolley said...

I just reread the quote - I think Art & Fear is a terrific book!!!!

A long time artist and a new friend of mine gave it to me not long ago. She considers it her bible.


Country Parson said...

I don't wear pajamas, but fully understand dry spells.

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you. thank you. thank you to my adoring fans. thank you for putting up with lucy's melodrama of yesterday. sorry, i haven't replied sooner...i met with my muse and have been working on my book :-)

re: the pj party, husband keeps insisting that i would love skype where you can talk on your computer and people can see you, but i think i would hate that...i like computing in my pj's.

CP--TMI !!!!

SS-- "art & fear" is a great book. have you read it or do you just own it? :-)

btw--the rain stopped about the time i set foot outside today. hmmmmm... happy weekend, everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

lucy, i love this quote from Art & Fear (and now I have to actually read the copy I own) :-) and I love that you posted about your "melodrama." I had no doubt that a little restlessness and time spent in your pajamas would lead to another creative outpouring. xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

On a semi-serious note: I'm trying a new commenting jag where I have a lengthy commenting session on the blogs I read every two-or-three days rather than read each post as it's published.
Trouble is, it isn't working very well, because there's so much good writing out there that I'm getting behind.
On another semi-serious note: don't you dare stop writing!
On a completely frivolous note: what colour are your pajamas?

Dianna Woolley said...

Art and Fear - I've read about half of it - it is sooooo true that I really have savored every word of it:)

Your writing days may be dry for the moment but your cultural experiences have been rich with KNorris and the Collage event - lucky you - I'm sure the ink will be flowing soon.


Anonymous said...

oh indeed, I am procrastinating, putting off a book review assignment I'm not sure how to approach. Perhaps a quick jog, a shower and a hot cup of tea will clear my head...
Thanks always for your thoughts!

Kayce aka lucy said...

C--now if i could only learn to not resist so much!

tess--i must admit that i am not at all fond of your new commenting jag. i want immediate response!!!

i think writing is about as necessary as breath :-) so no worries there...

if you must know--thursday my pjs consisted of an oversized white t-shirt and multi-colored boxer, huh?

SS--i don't believe i said that my writing days were dry...just that i had decided to stop doing it :-)

did you miss the part where i have started working on my book???

the cultural experiences are keeping me way behind in output as the input is filling me to well overflowing!!!

lizabeth--keep sounds quite enjoyable from your perspective :-)

So glad to have you all along for the ride!!!

Hope said...

Just want to let you know I read every time you post. And you often make me think but I rarely comment. De lurking to let you know. I know the angst of getting few comments. It can mess with my head.

Kayce aka lucy said...

hope--i really do appreciate it when you "de lurk" a bit...sometimes i let the comment thing mess with my head more than i should. oh well, our humanness definitely shows, huh?

storyteller said...

I love the cartoon. I’ve pondered the same thing lately … even considered cutting back to one blog. Methinks part of the decrease in comments is that people are busy with other things. I know that’s true for me. I do what I can to keep up but fall behind all too quickly. I’m glad to see your ‘melodrama’ drew ‘lurkers’ into the open. We’d all miss you if you stopped writing you know.
Hugs and blessings,

Kayce aka lucy said...

storyteller--thanks for stopping by. i honestly do not see how you maintain both of your blogs!! i appreciate the hugs and blessing :-)

right back at ya!